Joel Friant: His Entrepreneurial Journey from Real Estate to the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant Original Habanero Shaker
Joel Friant's Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant worked in the real estate industry for a short period only to find that his love for food was to play a greater role in his career as a serial entrepreneur. He is enthusiastic about the free market and loves creating food products for culinary aficionados who enjoy experimenting with exotic spices. Joel believes in the concept of running a home-based business and loves helping people learn how to attain success.

Joel became part of the restaurant sphere in 1995 when he branded himself as the Thai Guy. His fast food Thai concept eventually led to an exploration about how to introduce Americans to the exotic and tasty Habenero chili pepper. It was during this period that Joel Friant started to sell his invention called the Habenero Shaker.

Joel continued to buy, renovate, foreclose and sell properties while also introducing his Habenero Shaker to large grocery stores in the state of Washington. Joel began to study information about real estate mortgages and was quickly promoted as the highest achiever within the sales department. He then opened his own mortgage lending office.

After the major economic crisis of 2008, Joel Friant became intrigued by the fact that some individuals managed to become highly successful while others simply could not succeed. He invented a concept called the income thermostat in which he drew on writings by Maxwell Maltz and Wallace Wattles. He was entranced with the philosophy and shared the ideas with others. Joel has written numerous articles about the topic.

In 2012, Joel became interested in opportunities associated with online sales. He completed eBay and Amazon courses and began selling the Habanero Shaker and other items on the two websites. He soon became interested in cryptocurrencies. Today, Joel teaches investors about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies while continuing to promote his Habanero Shaker brand.

In a recent interview, Joel Friant shared the following views and philosophies:

How did you conceive of the Habanero Shaker concept?

My high school buddy introduced me to the enticing Habanero pepper. It was love at first sight. One day, I came to the realization that pure Habanero shakers did not exist. The shakers offered in stores either contained salt or other spices. I went on a trip to Jamaica and learned about different varieties including the related Scotch Bonnet pepper. I knew that I had to introduce the exotic flavor to consumers.

Can you describe an average day in your life?

I write my plans on a calendar and try to do the priority activities first thing in the morning. I try to work on important projects immediately instead of procrastinating until the next day, week or month.

Is there a method you practice that promotes ideas?

Yes, I often think of ideas when I’m riding my bike. A long bicycle ride is like meditation. I frequently put the brakes on my bike, take out a notebook and write down my concepts. People who know me laugh when they see me writing notes. They know I’m up to something new.

Is there one particular habit that gives a push to your entrepreneurial endeavors?

I have to refer you again to my writing habit. I suppose I could have had a career as a novelist if I had not been interested in the concept of online marketing. I do not like to keep all my ideas floating around in my brain. I prefer writing everything down with an old-fashioned pen. Once I record my ideas on paper, my mind is free to think of new concepts without all the clutter. In addition, I never spend too much time thinking about my next project or idea. I write my ideas down on paper as soon as they are conceived. I then attempt to put each concept into motion.

Is there one memorable failure you experienced as a budding entrepreneur?

My big mistake was that I did not view myself in a leadership role. Consequently, I never associated with the right people. I had not yet learned to trust my own ideas. I thought that other individuals were superior and brilliant. I eventually made up my mind to concentrate on my own personal goals and forget about the accomplishments of other entrepreneurs. I learned how to think in a positive way about every single issue in my life. I developed the philosophy of taking risks with the belief that not taking any risks in life meant not ever achieving any tangible rewards.

I realized that most people were looking for security instead of embarking on potentially worthwhile adventures. The most important thing I discovered was to believe in my innate abilities. Plus, I began to work extremely hard. I wrote down specific goals to accomplish each day and did not go to sleep until the tasks were accomplished. It only takes a little bit of effort to accomplish big dreams.

The Habanero Shaker created by entrepreneur Joel Friant may become a favorite product of the future. Consumers who have tasted the spicy Habanero flakes typically enjoy the pleasant, robust flavor offered by nature’s bountiful harvest. Many food connoisseurs think that the Habanero pepper has more flavor than any other pepper in the world. While Joel Friant readily acknowledges the fact that other shakers exist, he believes that his Habanero Shaker offers consumers more flavor and heat. Although the flakes are extremely spicy, they are not too hot for people who love the rich taste of peppers.

The amount of heat in a Habanero pepper far outweighs the spiciness of the common Jalapeno pepper. The natural capsaicin within Habanero peppers can actually help a person to experience positive endorphins. The endorphins cause an individual to feel happier and more peaceful. The drawback is that these flavorful peppers are somewhat addicting. However, consumers are only too happy to become addicted to the delicious, hot and tasty flakes emanating from the Habanero Shaker.

Joel Friant’s full interview here:


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