President Trumps Tweet could change California’s political wave.


President Donald Trump has to date delivered many decisions that are of critical concern through tweets. Many foresee that if he tweets a 280 character paragraph on social media it might completely change the course of California’s politics this year. Politics in California are now boiling with the Republicans having a hard time in the political arena. The Democrats have won almost all statewide race votes. It’s registered that the republican fall started in 2006.The GOP share of the state has continued to significantly shrink.

The public is not pleased with how President Trump is conducting his job. Many have registered a vote of disapproval and say that he’s creating a turbulence that is of no assistance to the people. Several different states also believe President Trump is not doing a good job. Due to this effect, a number of the Republicans appear to be confused and in real jeopardy. GOP leaders have expressed their willingness, urge and readiness to grab all positions currently held by the Democrats. It’s not an easy task as the main agenda at the moment is for them to maintain the positions they are in first before they start aiming higher. Their mission won’t be successful if they lose ground, it will create a bad picture for the state party and also for the national Republicans. If Democrats grab many positions they will with all their might flip the United States House and present a potential threat to Trump’s presidency.

The Republicans will undoubtedly have to maintain their positions by ensuring that their voters don’t get disinterested in them especially during this election cycle. The candidates will themselves energize the voters. According to a poll conducted many voters didn’t know which of the three governors that are contesting for the top seat in California is actually active. They had no opinions on them and they actually kept on saying may the best win. If the trend remains the same then there is hope that one of the Democrat candidates in the gubernatorial race may actually emerge a winner in the November elections. This may be the same in the senatorial race as the Republicans lack a potential candidate with much state experience and influence.

The GOP will probably pay attention to a candidate who has more influence. President Trump may assist his Republican candidates by creating for them some attention so that they will get some influence on the voters. With a single tweet from him will be a great strategy to maintain the competitiveness that is being witnessed in California’s political arena.


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