Trump Is Now Silent after Forcing Pipeline Makers to Purchase Steel from American manufacturers


During the first two-quarter of the Trump Presidency, the present always gave the narrative of how he would come up with an idea that world coerces energy corporations to build oil pipelines with Steel made by American companies. The story drew condemnation and applause in equal measure. However, the policy received praises during his campaign trains back in 2016 as he outlined the plans he had to put working Americans back to their jobs in the steel industries to fabricate the pipelines that transport gas and oil in the entire United States.

However, since the lapse of the 180 days deadline for the plan, President Trump has dropped the plan in his speeches and rarely does he mention the steel industry plan in his public addresses. John Stoody says that the issue of commerce and the relationship between the United States government and its trading partners will continue. Stoody adds that despite the administration talking tough in Washington, there hasn’t been a single initiative or any specific action on pipeline steel and pipelines which had promised to create thousands of employment opportunities for working Americans. Mr. Stoody serves as Vice President of public relations and government at the Association of Oil Pipe Lines.
Just last week, the infrastructure plan that was released by the Trump administration was undergoing scrutiny from the association’s top leadership in order to get any updates.

There was not even a single mention of the rule when the plan went to the public domain. Some critics have also argued that the requirements would inflate the cost for pipeline operators and pipe makers. Economists and Financial experts have issued a warning that the plan sparks a commerce war, cost America jobs and kill or delay projects. Manufacturers in the Steel industry have taken a different stand and argued that the mills in the US have the capacity to satisfy the demand for steel in the market and that the rule would create employment opportunities in these markets.

But these steelmakers are also waiting to hear on what will be the nest step specifically from the US Department of Commerce and the White House. The President of the Steel Manufacturers Association, Phillip Bell has noted that the promise by President Trump that he would spontaneously force American pipeline corporations to purchase American-made steel has gone radio silent. A spokesperson from the White House has said that there were no comments on the issue when asked about whether the present was still putting the matter into consideration.


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