Fake Videos are beginning to Surface on the Internet


The video began in a room furnished with a red sofa. The wall simply decorated with a potted plant just the art that is synonymous with a therapist’s wall. The individual present in the room had a very close resemblance to the former first lady, Michelle Obama. The individual wore a low-cut top that exposed her black bra. The Michelle Obama doppelganger smiled to the camera before beginning to strip. The fake video was available on Reddit and was carefully designed using an artificial intelligence software. The footage was nicely put together using an app known as FakeApp. The face of Mrs. Obama was superimposed on the body of a Porn actor. Without enough knowledge and a closer look, many people concluded that it was Mrs. Obama.

For so long, it had been utterly laborious to have realistic video generated by the computer. Only Hollywood productions could have them. Recently, it has become possible for individuals to experiment using powerful tools such as the FakeApp. The app is said to have been created using some open software written by Google. The developer remains unknown. Since the FakeApp first appeared on Reddit early January, it has been downloaded over 120,000 times. Many people are enticed by the apps ability to make almost real face swaps. These fakes are the latest form of digital manipulations. There is an increased worry that the technology might be used in spreading propaganda and staging political sabotage.

Various sites such as Twitter and Reddit awed by the fake videos banned them. Reddit resulted in closing numerous groups including one that had more than 100,000 members. Some users of Reddit were all defensive. They claimed that the there was an overhype of the harm that the fake videos would cause. Some of the critics resulted in moving their videos to other sites. Just like the fake news are spread, there is entirely no difference anticipated for the fake videos. People will as always be quick to share the videos on say Facebook or YouTube. Only a few individuals will care to find out the truth. Once the debunking surfaces the internet, the harm has already been done, and only a few individual will care to share it. The founder of Pinscreen a company that creates 3-D avatars that seem live, Hao Li says that the weaponization of artificial intelligence is inevitable. He says that all that is required is for the public to be educated on its existence.


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