More Staffers Called To Be Interviewed By Robert Mueller


Former aide to the past presidential campaign of current United States President Donald J. Trump, Sam Nunberg, was recently served a subpoena to appear in court before a grand jury.

Upon initial news of Sam Nunberg receiving the subpoena, several news media outlets reported the former staffer as being unwilling to cooperate with authorities and special counsel Robert Mueller, who ordered the subpoena.

However, more recently, Nunberg claimed that he would be likely to cooperate with authorities. The Associated Press reported that Nunberg publicly claimed he was most likely “going to end up cooperating with [special counsel Robert Mueller and other relevant authorities].”

Sam Nunberg Hasn’t Been A Part Of Donald Trump’s Team In Some Years

Most recently, Sam Nunberg was a member of a coalition headed by Donald Trump, its mission was to get Trump elected in the 2016 presidential election. However, his most recent hour of work with the crew came in 2015, when he was fired by the current United States President for a series of posts on Facebook.

Citing concern over a material breach of confidentiality, Trump sued Nunberg. The case never went to court and was settled privately, though no figures exist in press as to how much he was forced to pay out.

Nunberg Isn’t A Fan Of Donald Trump, Unlike Other Staffers That Had Been Served Subpoenas

News giant CNN reported Nunberg as saying “I’m not a Donald Trump fan. He treated me like crap.” However, that same day, he also said that Nunberg had met in person with members belonging to the team of Robert Mueller.

The parties reportedly met for roughly 330 minutes, or 5.5 hours. Nunberg claimed the questions of the investigators were “pretty ridiculous” in nature, and reported that he didn’t initially wish to cooperate because all conversations could possibly consist of were emails sent between other staffers of the Donald Trump presidential campaign group.

One of the questions asked Sam Nunberg if he was familiar with any Russian spoken in or around Trump Tower.

According to a media interview on live television, Nunberg said “I’m not cooperating. Arrest me. You want to arrest me? Arrest me.” As mentioned earlier, his attitude has since seemingly changed.

Nunberg also said “I suspect that they suspect something about {Donald Trump]. Trump may very well have done something during the election with the Russians. If he did that, I don


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