Sussex Healthcare Is Hiring Caregivers Who Can Offer Many Types of Beneficial Services

Sussex Healthcare Hiring in Horsham
Sussex Healthcare is now hiring caregivers and support staff.

Established in 1985, Sussex Healthcare offers services for individuals who are suffering from dementia, and the business serves many residents who are noticing symptoms of neurological disorders. The company organizes numerous activities, creates custom plans for each resident, offers many types of physiotherapy, manages a sizable gym, provides treatments that are associated with hydrotherapy and examines the medical care that each resident receives.

Hiring New Caregivers

Currently, Sussex Healthcare is searching for skilled caregivers and is hiring new assistants who are committed to their residents. Generally, assistants customize treatments that residents receive, guide clients who visit the gym, help individuals who have questions and offer medical care that individuals may need. Teachers and managers will train each new caregiver, and the company’s leaders indicated that every new caregiver should have an especially friendly disposition.

Since November 2017, Sussex Healthcare’s directors have been seeking registered nurses who can offer custom care. Each nurse may monitor the health of the residents, provide medications that a client needs, study the effectiveness of treatments and mitigate the symptoms that some residents may experience. The registered nurses can also study the benefits of multiple activities, and before a client visits the cutting-edge gym, the nurses may recommend exercises that can help the resident.

Sussex Healthcare is ready to a hire a manager who will oversee an entire unit, and this individual will examine the efficiency of the unit, help the registered manager, study the guidelines that the company has created and conduct monthly evaluations that examine numerous treatments. Furthermore, the unit’s manager will train new caregivers and specify the tasks that each assistant can complete.

Helping Residents Who Notice the Symptoms of Neurological Conditions

Our company serves residents who are experiencing motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, lesions that are situated on the spinal cord and other conditions that affect an individual’s movements. Moreover, our experts can help residents who are suffering from injuries that may affect the nervous tissue, and our company offers treatments that can minimize the symptoms that are associated with severe injuries.

Enjoying Many Types of Activities

Our business regularly manages activities that may significantly improve memory, and when residents engage in activities, the individuals may develop custom crafts, describe many memories, use numerous types of board games or master new skills. Guests can engage in activities that are related to physiotherapy, and various reports have indicated that these treatments may improve flexibility, reduce soreness, enhance an individual’s strength, increase the level of dopamine that the brain generates and decrease the effects of chronic inflammation.

Examining the New Gym That Sussex Healthcare Unveiled

Recently, Sussex Healthcare constructed a well-designed fitness center that features stationary bikes, various types of treadmills, elliptical trainers, rooms that are ideal for group sessions and equipment that features cables. The facility also contains a sizable pool, and the company’s experts regularly offer treatments that are related to hydrotherapy. Numerous studies have shown that hydrotherapy can reduce soreness, minimize the symptoms of certain neurological conditions, improve endurance and enhance an individual’s well-being.

The Awards That Sussex Healthcare Has Received

During 2002, Sussex Healthcare earned an award from the Health Quality Service. This organization studies the treatments that some companies offer, evaluates guidelines that are related to health care and examines the equipment that companies own. Moreover, the business received an accreditation from the International Organization for Standardization.

Examining an Important Announcement

In December 2017, the business announced that Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare, and many residents and numerous employees have expressed their strong approval of the decision. The new CEO has been offering many types of medical services for more than 30 years, and in 1984, she became a nurse. During the 1980s, she extensively studied many treatments that are related to mental health, and by 1994, she had become a senior leader in a well-known business.

Sussex Healthcare’s CEO can effectively help caregivers to develop strong relationships with residents, and she may improve communication, enhance the effectiveness of various treatments, maximize the efficiency of the facility, suggest treatments that may help residents and evaluate the tasks of the assistants. Amanda has guided many local caregivers, so she understands the needs of most caregivers, the questions that individuals may ask and strategies that can effectively improve the services that a business offers.

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Scheduling a Free Consultation

In order to evaluate our services, you can view a description of the business, frequently asked questions, services that can help individuals who are experiencing dementia and various factors that could improve our services. If you would like to set up a free consultation, you may submit our company’s contact form, and we will generally respond within two days.

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  1. It’s good when an organization has caregivers who are skilled in a number of areas, no matter what type of clientele you serve, Unfortunately, it seems like patients (particularly older ones) have multiple needs so an organization needs to be able to meet these needs. I appreciate any service provider who recognizes this and shows the extra level of commitment to their patients in having a higher skilled group of caregivers.

  2. Stephen, I’m impressed with the spectrum of care your agency gives for its patients. It’s obvious Sussex is looking to provide more than minimal care. I’m writing from the U.S. and there are many different facilities over here for people with memory issues. Unfortunately, the level of care is erratic and although money can help get you into a better facility, it’s no guarantee. I’m going to browse some of your blogs to see what your organization does.


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