Teen Waitress Receives Scholarship After Helping Customer


Waitresses often work long hours and stand on their feet during those hours with little appreciation. However, there are some customers who understand that waitresses are often the people who make restaurants succeed because they serve food and interact with the customers. One teen waitress in Texas was working her shift like she did every other day and noticed an elderly man who was having trouble cutting his food. Instead of asking any questions, Evoni Williams did something that many teenagers might not have thought about doing and something that some adults might not expect from someone her age.

Evoni took the man’s plate from him and cut his ham into small pieces so that it would be easy for him to eat. The elderly man had a small oxygen tank with him and was clearly using an oxygen source while in the restaurant. The man mentioned something to Evoni about her helping him but she was busy tending to other customers and getting orders ready to serve, so it was unlikely that she would take the time to help. To his surprise, she was excited about helping him even though the cook had food ready for her to serve.

Evoni talked to the elderly man about working in a restaurant and how busy it could be at times. A woman at a nearby table saw the interaction between the two and took a picture. She posted the picture on social media. It has been shared over 60,000 times. The elderly man frequents the small restaurant and even sings at times. Most of the waitresses have been willing to help him in some way. When leaders with the city saw the picture of Evoni cutting the man’s food, they decided to reward her good deed. She was given a scholarship to Texas Southern University for $16,000. Her goal is to open a restaurant of her own or a hair salon after graduating.


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