Doug Liman’s “Justice League Dark” Ignored del Toro’s Ideas


Doug Liman says that his ideas for Justice League Dark, a prospective entry into the DC Extended Universe, were unrelated to those of previous director Guillermo del Toro.

“It was completely different,” he said at WonderCon 2018. “I may do these sort of big high concept movies, but I always choose projects where I see myself in them. There has to be a really personal connection to it.”

He admitted that he pretty much needs to develop ideas that he makes by himself, and that “I wasn’t gonna find myself in Del Toro’s version.”

Del Toro was the first person to sign up to direct Justice League Dark back in 2012; he left the project and was replaced by Liman in August 2016. He has since also turned the movie down, currently leaving it (like so many other potential DCEU films) in limbo. There are rumors that Peter Jackson is being considered by the studio, though nothing is confirmed.

The comic book Justice League Dark focused on a team of magically-based characters from the DC Universe, and was largely influenced by horror. It ran as part of the 2011 New 52, running for about 40 issues, and will be revived in June of this year.

Characters for the film include Swamp Thing (a living mass of plants powered by “the Green”), John Constantine/Hellrazer (a foul-mouthed occult detective), Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon (an immortal Knight of the Round Table who can turn into a rhyming demon), the Spectre (the spirit of divine vengeance), Madame Xanadu (a fortuneteller), Boston Brand/Deadman (a ghost of an acrobat, who can possess people) and Zatanna Zatara (a stage magician with real magical power).

The movie is only one of many that have been proposed for the DCEU, and while the studio seemed interested in fast-tracking it, it is unclear how it will proceed from here. It is worth noting that a Justice League Dark animated film was made last year, however, as part of the DC Animated Movie Universe in the direct-to-DVD DC Universe Animated Original Movies line. It had a slightly different version of the above team working with the normal Justice League.

Sadly we won’t know what del Toro or Liman were planning, but maybe something else great will finally come out in the future.


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