Johanan Rand: Comprehensive Anti-Aging Care

Aging Expert, Dr. Johanan Rand, Finds Treatment For Agin Issues

Johanan Rand is the acting president and founding member of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which provides comprehensive care to patients suffering from age-related disorders. The clinic offers these treatments for a variety of symptoms that often accompany the aging process. The system developed by Johanan Rand is also groundbreaking because of the combination of therapies that work together to produce more stunning results than any one treatment alone. Every medical procedure provided at the clinic has been peer-reviewed in order to maintain the highest standards of care. Johanan Rand is a medical doctor who received his training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He combines the compassionate care of a healer with the most advanced therapeutic approaches available today to get the best results for each patient.


After obtaining his board certification in the field of anti-aging medicine, functional medicine, and regenerative medicine, Johanan Rand initiated a new clinic called the Healthy Aging Medical Centers (YouTube). The vision of his entire life’s work is apparent in the way the facility operates and is organized. This includes a holistic approach to the patient at every stage of the process. For example, the diagnosis is made after a comprehensive examination. He provides a personalized approach to the examination and diagnosis, which is used as a part of the therapy of the person as a whole. People who are suffering from the symptoms related to aging often have difficulty believing that there is a solution available. Johanan Rand uses every tool available to communicate the fact that there is hope available to patients who stay with the program. At 50 years of age, he embodies his philosophy and serves as a role model to patients who may have given up hope.


A New Therapeutic Model


Patients can expect to receive a personal wellness program designed to address their particular medical problems at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of the person and a complete medical examination. This information will assist the doctor in developing a program of care that is unique to the individual. Once the diagnosis is completed, the patient can benefit from the services provided at the facility. This includes the complete program for aging patients that includes hormone replacement therapy, diet, and exercise. The combination approach is known to yield better results than any one treatment, so this is the method used by the professionals at the clinic. The combination of physical therapy and diet is known to produce measurable results, and these are amplified when adding hormone therapy to the plan. The patient education program is also designed to get each person to the point where they understand the reason for the therapies and are willing to actively participate.


Treating the cause of the aging at the source provides the results that patients now expect after completing their personal plan. This can include a variety of adjustments to the daily eating habits that have accumulated over time. This process can be daunting to patients who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight in the past. Because the weight gain that accompanies aging often affects the other symptoms, this program is uniquely effective at reducing the associated problems that come with aging. Understanding how this process works is immensely important and it contributes to the overall success of the program. The first step in patient education involves helping each person to understand the relationship between the current hormone levels in the body and the symptoms that are being experienced in daily life. Once this relationship is established, communication between the doctor and the patient becomes increasingly effective over time. This is why the patient education portion of the program is so important.


Patient Education, Treatment Program


Patients usually come to this program because they are suffering from chronic or acute pain. Johanan Rand has over 15 years of clinical experience in treating these conditions using a variety of methods. This includes his skillful use of epidural injections, anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, nerve blocks and medical acupuncture. His credentials provide the public with assurance that he is competent in the use of all of these methods, and they are sometimes indicated for use with his current patients. However, the bulk of the program for anti-aging involves a rigorous regimen that balances the body’s need for nutrition, blood circulation, and proper hormone levels. Johanan Rand is careful to explain to each patient that the hormone levels change when their body ages. What usually happens is that certain hormones will elevate and others will decrease. The problem happens when the excessive buildup of one type of hormone is coupled with the deficiency of another type. This leads to a serious imbalance that can manifest in a variety of ways.


Hormone therapies restore the correct balance of hormones, which enables the digestive system to function properly. As a result, the amount of adipose, or fatty tissue, tends to decrease. This presents as rapid weight loss from the outside view. The sudden improvement in the patient’s self-image can provide the resolve necessary to complete the entire program. The physical therapy portion is also an important aspect of the treatment of various symptoms. As the body ages, the muscles and ligaments that support the posture against gravity often become weak. Specific exercises can be assigned to each patient to address these areas of weakness. Once the body is not using so much energy just to maintain the basic posture of the skeletal system, an increase in energy is often experienced. Additional exercises can then be given to the patient in order to improve the overall circulation of blood throughout the entire body. This has a powerful effect when combined with dietary changes, IV nutrition therapy, and hormone replacements.


About Johanan Rand


Johanan Rand treats each patient in a comprehensive and compassionate manner, and he uses the insights gained from many years of experience in the field. As a role model, he exemplifies his philosophy, and this can provide patients with an image of what healthy aging can look like on a daily basis. He carefully researches every method used at the clinic and only recommends treatments that have been approved after a rigorous peer-review process. The integration of various techniques produces the outcomes that patients have now come to expect from his clinic. The combination of bioidentical hormones, HCG medical weight loss programming, and physical therapy produces consistent results. He specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from menopause, erectile dysfunction, depression, insomnia and related conditions.

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