Plan Your Next Golfing Trip To Austin’s Teravista Golf Club

Teravista Golf Courses near Austin TX
Teravista Golf Courses near Austin TX

Austin is one of the fastest growing American cities with an average of 150 moving to the area each day. The city and surrounding areas doubled in population in just ten years! The Austin area is a great place to visit for a weekend and an even better place to enjoy some high end golfing. Here are 5 reasons why you should plan a golfing trip to Austin soon:

Warmer Temperatures

If you are coming from a colder climate you may be surprised at just how warm it can be out on the golf course in January. Austin’s location makes it a very desirable place to golf during the cooler months of the year with average winter temperatures at right around 50°F. Spring and fall is also a great time to visit the area to take advantage of warm weather when other parts of the country are still covered in snow. Summers can be a bit hot but you’ll get a great tan out on the course as well as build your stamina under the hot summer sun.

Adequate Green Space

Austin is covered in beautiful areas that are dedicated to the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Visiting golfers who choose between golf courses near Austin, Texas will find time spent at Teravista Golf Club quite enjoyable. The beautiful greenery and course layout captures the essence of Texas Hill Country. Views from Teravista Golf Club can span up to 50 miles on a clear day as well. Rolling terrain and 5 different sets of tees will challenge golfers and have you coming back every year for more.

Tex-Mex Is a Must

If you have never tried Tex-Mex cuisine before you will be blown away at the delicious flavors of a Tex-Mex dish. Only in the Lone Star State can you get multiple variations of queso, chips, and grilled tacos that are perfectly paired with margaritas. The clubhouse at Teravista Golf Club includes some great Tex-Mex options that both regular and visitors enjoy. Fully dive into the culture of Austin by making sure to enjoy multiple meals of Tex-Mex.

Health & Fitness Is Everywhere

To help combat the amazing food in the Austin area, many residents are very much into fitness. Golfers who enjoy physical activity will find other areas of fitness available in the Austin area. After a day out on the golf course visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities including kayaking, hiking, and biking. The area also has many fitness classes that visitors can pop in to enjoy and the warm weather and sunny days encourage people to enjoy the outdoors.

Laid Back Atmosphere

Austin is in the heart of Texas which is known for its southern hospitality. You won’t meet an unfriendly face in Austin as the overall atmosphere is very laid back and casual. Visiting golfers will enjoy the friendly staff at Teravista Golf Club as well as meet other golfers on the green who may want to grab a few drinks with you afterwards. Music is a constant event in the Austin area and you won’t have to go far from Teravista Golf Club to find a wide variety of music to keep your spirit up.

Austin’s Teravista Golf Club should definitely be on your short list of places to visit. You will not only find a beautiful course in Texas Hill Country but will also enjoy all of the benefits of diving into Austin culture. Either for a long weekend getaway or a week of vacation, Austin is a must when traveling for either business or pleasure.


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