Trouble Ahead For The Republican Party Says Frank Luntz


The conservative pollster Frank Luntz has some troubling news for all of those who are supportive of the Republican Party. He believes that the GOP is definitely in trouble when it comes to elections in November. He recently told Fox News viewers that if the election were held today, he honestly believes that the GOP would lose both the House and the Senate says HuffPost.

While Luntz says that the economy is in good shape, he also states that the President is not getting enough credit for it. That could prove costly at the polls when it all comes down to it. He also said that the GOP has plenty of time to change the narrative on this election, but that they are going to need some help from the President in order to do so. Immediately, he would like to see the President lay off of Twitter for a while. He says that it has been a lightening rod of controversy and it plays right into Democrat’s hands when the President continues to use Twitter and put out information and quotes that can then be used against him.

Many believe that it is quite possible that the Democrats could have a significant edge when it comes to retaking the majority in the House of Representatives. However, there are fewer who believe that this is likely when it comes to the Senate. The Democrats simply have to defend so many more seats in the Senate, and many of those seats are in Republican states. Still, even Luntz thinks that it is possible that the Democrats could actually retake both the House and the Senate. That would be a stunner and would rewrite political history to be certain.

Party leaders such as Mitch McConnell have even admitted that the party is facing a “challenging year”. That is not the kind of admission that you would typically get from a party leader unless things are so dire that they have legitimate concerns for the ability of their own party to get elected again. Right now, the Republicans definitely have a lot more on their plates to be worried about than do the Democrats. It is a race for the Democrats to lose in the Fall. The GOP can just hope to stave off as many of those losses as they possibly can. Playing defense right now seems to be just about their only option.


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