ABC Lowers the Cancellation Boom on Marvel’s The Inhumans


ABC has dropped the proverbial axe down on The Inhumans. The maligned Marvel Studios/ABC television series won’t be renewed for a second season. The news of the cancellation isn’t surprising. The Inhumans not only received poor ratings, the program was haunted by terrible reviews. Fans of superhero television shows were aghast at the poor writing, weak acting, and terrible special effects. Such a poor-quality series shocked fans and executives alike. Marvel Studios creates some truly amazing fantasy entertainment. The disastrous production of The Inhumans seems far removed from what the creative team behind the series is truly capable of.

ABC experienced great success with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The series has done well for several years. Agent Carter gained good reviews and a vocal fan following, but was canceled after two seasons. The Inhumans intended to be ABC’s newest Marvel Comics series and the network’s first superhero action-drama. Not only was it the first, The Inhumans may be the last as well. ABC might leave live-action superhero television shows to others.

The Inhumans debuted not on television, but on the big screen in a hyped IMAX presentation. The screening flopped. Fans didn’t like the script nor the special effects. The flaws of The Inhumans couldn’t be hidden. The entire fanbase for superhero entertainment quickly discovered The Inhumans was turning out to be one of Marvel Studio’s worst projects.

Originally, The Inhumans started life as a feature film in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At one point, Vin Diesel was rumored for the role of Black Bolt, The Inhuman’s leader. As development progressed, shifts were made and The Inhumans became reimagined as a television show.

Looking at the massive success of DC Comics’ television programs on various networks, anyone can see why ABC wanted a live-action superhero program. The fact that The Inhumans remain C-level heroes in Marvel Comics’ canon means nothing. Superhero projects have become so hot, minor characters in Marvel Comics’ library can still generate huge interest and draw fans. Marvel Studio’s consistent ability to craft quality, fan-pleasing projects built up goodwill among fans. The Inhumans represents a rare misfire.

Anson Mount played Black Bolt quite well though. The former Hell on Wheels star won’t be unemployed after The Inhuman’s cancellation. He moves to Star Trek: Discovery in a featured role.


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