How Money Mart and Glen Wakeman Can Help Consumers

Glen Wakeman and Money Mart Help Consumers

With numerous financial services available to consumers these days, many people are wondering how they can avail themselves of the financial products that companies have on offer. In order to take a closer look at this growing industry and the way it can help those seeking to leverage their finances, it helps to talk to a leader in the field, Money Mart Financial Services. The company has a long track record of helping their customers secure loans without needing to go through a traditional banking institution. Additionally, the company benefits from the leadership of its CEO, Glen Wakeman, who has an extensive foundation of experience in top-tier financial institutions around the world.


Financial Products


A provider of consumer financial services, such as Money Mart, typically has a variety of products they offer to assist customers in various states of need. These include, but are not limited to, check cashing, pawn loans, short-term consumer loans, gold buying, and other ancillary products. While these products are all generally aimed at converting collateral into loans, to gain a deeper understanding of these products it’s beneficial to take a deeper dive into a specific offering.


Payday Loans


A payday loan is a short-term loan based on a borrower’s personal check, which is held for repayment. In some cases, electronic access is granted to a borrower’s bank account. In order to attain the loan, the consumer will write a check for the amount borrowed in addition to a finance charge. The lender then holds the check until the consumer’s next payday, when both the loan and finance charge are paid in a lump sum. Alternatively, some consumers will opt to just repay the finance charge, and then roll the loan amount over to a subsequent pay period, for an additional finance charge.


Effectively, these loans are designed to allow consumers to receive an advance on their paycheck by paying a finance charge to a lender such as Money Mart. The company stresses that while using these loans can be an effective means of leverage collateral to attain funds, it’s important to exercise prudence when seeking a payday loan. As with other loans, there is a fee assessed and the ability to repay the fee is crucial for seeking out the financial service in the first place.


Company Philosophy


While the above example is just one of the many products Money Mart offers, it is in line with the company’s broader philosophies of operation. These philosophies are on display in their mission statement, which lays out their fundamental goal to “Serve our customers with straightforward, relevant products that meet their evolving financial needs.”


Along with their mission statement, the company maintains three core values that guide their actions when conducting business and interacting with consumers. These values center on integrity, teamwork, and excellence. In the pursuit of these goals, the company seeks to be candid and accountable in all their actions, respectful of diversity when building their team, and consistent in their pursuit of high-level performance. With these ideals firmly in mind, the company seeks to create an operating environment that is productive and beneficial to consumers and staff alike (


Leadership Team


Of course, the ability to institute codes of ethics such as the above core values stems from the leadership put in place at a large company. In the case of Money Mart, that leadership is drawn from companies at the highest levels of global business and finance. This commitment to excellence in commerce is exemplified by the company’s head executive, CEO Glen Wakeman.


In his career after his old company, Glen Wakeman not only joined the consumer financial services industry, he also took on a variety of consulting roles teaching others his learnings from business and beyond. In these pursuits, he has mentored executives, helped entrepreneurs formulate business plans, and launched his own startup in order to build visibility for his work. To these ends he not only relies on his expertise in business but also his formal education. He received his MBA from the University of Chicago and his BS from the University of Scranton. He is also Six Sigma Black Belt Certified.


About the Company


Money Mart Financial Services was founded in 1979 with a goal of being “The preferred provider of funding solutions to address customers’ immediate financial needs.” In their almost forty years of existence, the company has grown to become one of the largest providers of accessible consumer financial services operating in both the US and Canada. Now with over 800 retail locations in North America, the company works continuously to meet the needs of business owners and consumers while maintaining a focus on socially responsible practices.


Though the world of consumer financial services and products can be confusing, it’s always best to partner with a trusted name in the industry. By seeking out expert advice, and ensuring to always borrow within their means, consumers can use a variety of financial products to help leverage the collateral they have at their disposal. With the wealth of experience in-house at Money Mart, consumers can rest assured that they will be able to make informed decisions about the products available at their numerous locations. This commitment to quality is on view throughout the company, such as in the selection of their CEO, Glen Wakeman. As the company grows and serves even more consumers, their philosophy of prioritizing integrity and excellence will continue to work to the advantage of those who seek out their offerings.

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