Melania Trump’s Procedure Still a Mystery


Days after the surprise news of Melania Trump’s surgery, there is still not a lot known about the condition, procedure, or the reason for the extended hospital stay.

The first lady is recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland after undergoing an embolization procedure in an effort to treat a benign kidney condition. Outside of this, little information has been released to the public regarding Trump’s condition and why the procedure was necessary. The White House did confirm that the procedure was planned, and not something that was scheduled suddenly out of necessity for an acute condition.

An embolization is considered to be minimally invasive because it is image-guided. In most cases, a patient recovering from an embolization is not hospitalized for more than a day or two, so many find it curious that the White House has indicated she will be in the hospital through the end of the week. The purpose of an embolization is to prevent blood flow to an affected area of the body. It is often used to shrink tumors, block aneurysms, and more. According to medical experts, the most common reason why an embolization would be performed on the kidneys would be to shrink a benign tumor. When done in the kidney area, the procedure is effective at preserving renal function.

According to a statement from the first lady’s press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, Trump is doing well and experienced no complications from the procedure. President Trump was not at Walter Reed during the procedure but visited her for about an hour later in the day when she was recovering. When asked about first lady’s extended hospital stay, most medical experts said it was most likely a decision born out of an abundance of caution and need for privacy based on her prominent position.


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