Pregnancy Does Not Cause Long-Term Weight Gain


In the past, people believed that pregnancy lead to long-term weight gain. However, a recent study has challenged that belief. Researchers have found that depression and unemployment is what causes women to gain weight after they have children.

The study was done by the University of Canberra. It followed 8,000 women over the course of 15 years. They compared women who had given birth to those who had not. They also examined how much weight the women had gained. Deborah Davis was the lead researcher in the study. She stated that there was not a major difference between the women who had babies and those who didn’t.

Deborah stated that women need to gain a moderate amount of weight while they are pregnant. She also stated that while women do need to take in more calories, they only need to consume about 300 more. She stated that the notion that you have to eat for two is just a myth.

Additionally, she says that women should focus on what they are eating and not how much they are eating. The researchers did find that women gained a small amount of weight during the 15-year period. However, there was still not a significant difference between women with children and women without children.

The study also found that women who exercised a lot and had high levels of education were less likely to gain weight. The researchers found a link between weight gain and depression. However, they do not know whether one causes the other.

They also found that women who were unemployed were more likely to gain weight. She stated that income did not seem to have an effect on whether someone gained weight. However, they stated that if you did not have a job at all, then you are more likely to gain weight.


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