England is patiently Waiting to Know Team that they Will Play Next


The England football team has not yet been notified the team that they will play next. No information was extended to the players on the team to Panama on Sunday night. The England coach had however named the starting eleven during a training session that they had on Thursday Morning. Southgate’s assistant Steve Holland was captured by a photographer holding a piece of paper that had listed the English side information. Reports put it that the head coach had also included potential understudies of each position listed on the document.

In the list, Reuben Loftus-Cheek was named as a starter together with youngster Marcus Rashford. Marcus was to replace Raheem Sterling. According to another source, the squad was not well informed of the possible line-up. Kieran Trippier was set to lose out his position in the first list. However, he was still determined to fight for his spot. Trippier confirmed that no one was named to start in their next game directly. He continued to say that all the positions were free and were still up for grabs. Trippier noted that until the manager names the squad, the rest doesn’t matter. All rumors and leaked information doesn’t count. The team doesn’t usually depend on such details until the names come out from the manager’s mouth. Everybody in the team was fighting to have a position in the first team.

Starting the 22-year-old Loftus Cheek in his first significant tournament start would be a statement that South gate would be answerable for. The youngster who is on loan with English side Crystal palace had only started in 27 premier league games. A lot of midfield experience is needed in the middle pitch to break the Panama side. Panama is expected to defend in numbers against the one time World cup champions.

Alexander Arnold commented on the Loftus start issue saying that he is a potential player who can manage the midfield. The last game they played, Arnold came in as a substitute. According to his teammates, he changed the game. Arnold said that Loftus-Cheek is an asset to whichever team he plays for and that he has a lot of physicalities. The way he operates in the midfield is unique. Loftus is such a rare player to watch when playing. Arnold suggested that if he starts in their match with Panama, he will be able to put up a brilliant performance.


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