Kim Jong Un Issues Complaints To visiting Russian Minister


The supreme leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un has complained of American hegemonism to Sergei Lavrov who is on a state visit in North Korea. Lavrov is the minister of foreign relations in Moscow. This comes at a time when one of Kim’s top aides has traveled to Washington to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. General Chol is set to discuss the probability of reinstating the denuclearization summit that was cancelled by President Donald Trump. The leader of North Korea told the Russian foreign relations minister that he was looking forward to improving the diplomatic ties between his country and the Kremlin.

Moscow has remained in the sidelines as North Korea seeks to re-establish diplomatic relations with China, South Korea and the United States. Kim said that his administration is looking forward to exchanging an in-depth and detailed opinion with the leadership in Moscow. The North Korean leader that he was looking to increase the trade ties between Pyongyang and Russia as North Korea adjusts the political situation in the peninsula. In the past, Kim Jong Un has made very harsh statements against Washington and President Donald Trump. He has even threatened to launch a nuclear attack against the US and her allies. However, Kim’s comments on Thursday came at a very critical moment.

The US chief of the state department Mike Pompeo has said that the diplomatic relations between Washington and Pyongyang have made real progress in the past there days. This is after a meeting was held in New York between General Kim Yong-Chol and Mike Pompeo. President Trump has been very categorical on US policy regarding the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The US president has said that he would not meet the North Korean leader if Pyongyang did not agree to destroy all its piles of nuclear weapons and abandon its weapons program.

Mike Pompeo has however said that he was not sure on whether the meeting between the two leaders in Singapore would continue as scheduled on June 12. However, the state secretary said that he was confident that North Korea was willing to make any sacrifice to integrate its people into the community of nations. The visit of Kim Yong-Chol to the US represents the highest-level North Korean visit to the United States in 18 years. General Chol is scheduled to visit the white house and deliver a personal letter from the North Korean leader to President Donald Trump.


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