Lime Crime’s Top Beauty Products Reviewed In Time For Summer


With so many makeup companies out there today, it’s hard to know which to trust. And because buying beauty products can be expensive, it’s pretty much impossible to try every product from makeup companies that we’re curious about.


That’s why reviews of makeup brands are a good way to navigate through the top beauty products out there. It’s free, and you can get an unbiased, honest review as if your best friend is dishing out all her beauty secrets.


Today we’re reviewing Lime Crime, a Los Angeles-based makeup and beauty brand that is as colorful as it is unique with all of its dozens of products. Upon first look at Lime Crime’s website, it seems like the makeup company is only for “unicorns,” a term that is used frequently on the site and social media. But within each beauty product category (lips, eyes, hair, etc.), there are several different shade options. Some products even show you photos of what it looks like on different skin tones.


While continuing to navigate through the Lime Crime website, it’s apparent that besides the trendy makeup and bright colors, the company has some pretty strong opinions and beliefs about makeup and how it’s made. For one, there’s a vibe on Lime Crime’s website. It seems like the company is supporting women of all ethnicities, shapes, and backgrounds. And self-confidence seems to be an overall theme.


Lime Crime is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which means it does not test its products on animals, and none of the ingredients contain animal products. One concern that came to mind was whether or not the makeup would have different effects or consistencies than other makeup products. However, we were pleasantly surprised.


Here are our takes on some of Lime Crime’s top-selling products:


Wet Cherry Gloss in Clear – 5/5


Wet Cherry Lip Gloss in Clear
Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss in Clear

If there’s one product that should be in every handbag, it’s a gloss that lasts for hours, looks good on, and can take any look from drab to fab. A clear gloss can dress up your gym look while also being able to perfectly pair with date night attire.


Lime Crime’s Wet Cherry Gloss is one of the brand’s newest products. There are about 15 shades, and each pocket-sized bottle is under $20, a pretty good price tag for the quality of the product. From the first application to every minute of the long-lasting wear, it was apparent that the gloss was on but not in a bad way. It’s thick without being cakey, it’s smooth without being thin, and it has a subtle pink tint that adds just enough color to make your lips pop. This product shows photos of what it looks like on different skin tones, which we thought was a nice touch, and it shows just how versatile the color is.


This is a five-star lip gloss product, because it shines, keeps lips moist, and looks good on practically everyone. And we can’t wait to try all the other colors to put them to the test.


Highlighter Palette – 4/5


Highlighter isn’t necessarily a new type of makeup product, but it has recently been made famous by celebrities that highlight to the max. As a finishing product, highlighter accentuates areas of your face that you want to draw attention to. These areas include: cheekbones, lips, the brim of your nose, your brow bone, etc.


Whether you want some subtle highlighting or you want to go a little crazy like what you see in makeup tutorials on YouTube, you can find a few different highlighter palettes from Lime Crime, depending on which colors you prefer. The Hi-Lite palette in Opals includes pink, gold, and peach shades. They look fairly subtle, although they have iridescent undertones.


We scored this product as four stars, only because the colors seem to be a little more white in color rather than warm/gold colors that you want to see on your skin during the summer.


Diamond Dew Eyeshadow Bundle – 3/5


Eyeshadow is probably the most versatile makeup product. You can wear a little, or you can wear a lot. You can wear a beige color, or you can wear black. And you can go matte, or you can go wild with sparkle. It’s fun to switch up eyeshadow, which means you have to either get a lot of different colors or find a palette that has a lot of options all in one.


Eyeshadow is one of Lime Crime’s top products, and the company has dozens of color, style, and packaging options. The Diamond Dew shadows are the perfect way to add a little sparkle, and there are 10 unique shades to choose from. The problem is, how do you choose just one shade? Luckily, there’s a Diamond Dew bundle, which features all 10 colors. You can try them all, which then gives you the chance to know which color looks best on your skin. But that doesn’t come without a cost.


The reason this bundle received only three stars is because it costs a whopping $160-200. You do get all 10 in full-sized bottles, but we’d prefer a flat palette that lets you mix and match without spending a lot.


Plushies Lip Veil in Gum Drop – 5/5


Lipstick is a favorite makeup product for many different reasons. Like a good lip gloss, you

Plushies Lip Vein in Gum Drop

can add it to your look for an instant upgrade. Lipsticks also come in too many colors to choose from, but that also allows everyone to find their perfect shade. The problem with lipsticks, though, is that some of them wipe off on your teeth, feel globby on your lips, or come in that annoying twist applicator.


In comes Lime Crime’s Plushies collection. At just $20, each one of the 12 shades offers a soft and sheer umbrella of color. It’s built as a gloss product, meaning you don’t have to worry about breaking it off or having it melt like traditional lipsticks. The Gum Drop color, which is a light berry tone, lasts for hours and hours upon wear. It’s touch-proof, kiss-proof, and wine-sipping proof, which makes it a go-to product year-round.


This product earned all five stars because of its long-lasting effect. Plus, the color looks great on.


Nude Rainbow Pop On Nails – 3/5


Whether you’re going on a date, to an interview, or you’re heading out to an event last minute with friends, there’s one area of your body that might not be as important as the other: your nails. However, just because they aren’t on your face, that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. But who really has time to let their nails dry?


Lime Crime offers two shades of pop-on nails, a product that was popular back in the ‘90s when pre-teen girls wanted to get their nails done but weren’t allowed to get acrylics. They’re as easy as they sound, because you stick them on with gentle adhesive sticker, and you’re ready to go. The two color options are nude iridescent and green iridescent, although both are pretty bold.


We chose the “nude” color to review, because it seems a bit more versatile than the green. Yes, they are super easy to apply, but the color is a little fierce, and the nails turn into a darker shade when you wear black or a dark color next to them. Because of the ease of these nails, and the overall fun colors, we simply suggest wearing them with white or lighter colors.


Velvetine Liquid Lipstick Bundle – 5/5


Can anyone really have too many lip colors? We think not. If you try Lime Crime’s beauty products and fall in love with them, you’ll like the opportunity to buy them in a “bundle” capacity. Lime Crime sells a lot of different bundles, including eyeshadows and other lip bundles, but there’s one that we recommend hands-down.


It’s called the Feelins Matte Velvetine bundle. It’s three shades of Lime Crime’s Velvetine’s lip colors, which are smooth, longwear, and comfortable enough to actually want to wear all day. This bundle includes a slightly iridescent purple, a deep red, and a soft rose pink. You’ll have one color for a girls’ night out, one for a sultry date night, and one for everyday wear.


We gave this matte lipgloss bundle five stars. The colors are poppin’, the feeling of each is lightweight and smooth, and the longwear effect is the perfect icing on top.


Venus Eyeshadow Palette – 4/5


Makeup palettes: a way of giving you multiple shade, finish, and texture options, all within one compact product. One type of makeup palette that we can’t live without is an eyeshadow palette. It’s a great way to keep from getting bored with your makeup routine, and you also get more for your money, too.


Because we love eyeshadows so much, we’re reviewing another one of Lime Crime’s eyeshadows, and this time it’s the Venus palette. This eight-color kit is perfect for someone who loves wearing shadow every day but can’t choose which color to put on. Choices are always good, and the Venus color options are definitely versatile.


The Venus palette is scored at four stars, because we wish there was a more sparkly color option along with the matte colors it includes. Our favorite colors are included for the most part, but we wanted a little more variety for the finish.


Pocket Candy Palette in Pink Lemonade – 4/5


The final eyeshadow palette that we’re reviewing from Lime Crime is the Pocket Candy compact product. Think back to Polly Pocket, and you’ll instantly see the resemblance. This

Pink Lemonade Palette
Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palette in Pink Lemonade

Pocket Candy palette in Pink Lemonade has five shades ranging from light yellow to sparkly berry, and  there’s a dark shade in there for when you want a smokey look, too. The colors are great, and it’s a compact case that you can keep in your bag. It’s a very cutesy design, and you’ll probably never lose it on the bottom of your purse because of how bright it is.


This eyeshadow palette earned four stars in our book. We marked it down one point for the laughable fact that you’ll look like you’re applying a child’s makeup kit if you decide to check your makeup in the compact mirror during a work meeting.


Hot Stuff Liquid Glitter Brush Set – 4/5


Applying your makeup has to start with the right tools. If you don’t have the right tools, your makeup can look blotchy, uneven, and splattered. But with the right tools, it can all come together with ease. Makeup brushes are an essential part of applying makeup. And you probably won’t be surprised to see that Lime Crime has makeup brushes that are as colorful as all the makeup products.


These red-hot glitter brushes will do the hard work by applying your powder, blush, and highlighter in a smooth and reliable way. They are super soft, too, but be sure to clean them every month in order to keep the softness. No one likes a scratchy makeup brush.


This brush set earned four stars simply because we wish there were more brushes. The three that we used were great, but we’re missing a shadow brush that matches.


Wet Cherry Gloss in Red – 5/5


Red lipstick is another product that can take your look from boring to kapow. But the wrong color, texture, or product altogether can ruin it. We’ve all had that red shade of lipstick that ends up on our teeth. Or a shade of red that smears and makes us look like a cartoon character. Yes, there’s a lot of pressure when it comes to red lipstick, but there are easy red lipsticks out there.


Lime Crime’s new Wet Cherry Glosses are so brilliant that we’re listing them twice. Besides the clear, the red shade is a must. This red gloss is super smooth, and it actually lasts. And as a surprise benefit, it also smells delicious.


This gloss earned all five stars. And yes, it’s really that good.


Diamond Dew Eyeshadow in Starlight – 5/5


If you love sparkles, incorporating them into your makeup look is easy to do with the right products. And even if you don’t like a lot of sparkle, there you can add just a bit for a subtle side of wow.


The entire Lime Crime Diamond Dew collection is full of sparkle and shine. There are several colors to choose from, which can help support a fun finished look. The shade that we tried is Starlight, which is the perfect mix of gold and silver. It gives you a smokey effect while also having that touch of shine. We loved this particular color, because it can go with pretty much any color that you’re wearing, including black, brown, navy blue, and grey, colors that are sometimes confusing to pair with.


We give this eyeshadow five stars because of its brilliant color, ease to apply, and longwear value. It doesn’t rub off during the workday, and you can touch it up for a fun night out.

Matte Velvetines in Scandal – 4/5


Dark makeup was popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and that trend hasn’t gone away. In fact, it

Matte Velvetines Scandal
Lime Crime Velvetines in Scandal

can be seen everywhere from film and the red carpet to Instagram stories and fashion spreads. And dark makeup isn’t just for those cold winter months, either. You can add some dark lipstick when you’re going light with your eye makeup. We also love wearing it with a bun or updo, which will make your look even more dramatic.


The Matte Velvetines collection from Lime Crime is full of crazy colors that might seem intimidating. But with the right look, they are simply a fun way to accentuate your style. The Scandal Matte Velvetines is a deep, dark purple. It’s a liquid/matte combo, and it lasts for hours, which is always nice.


This beauty product gets four stars, only because of how careful you have to be when applying it since it is so dark and visible. If you have a steady hand, you’re good to go. But if you don’t, we recommend keeping a Q-tip nearby to clean the lines.


Peach Unicorn Hair Tint – 3/5


With the summer season upon us, there’s another beauty trend that is all over social media: unique hair colors and hair tints. This is a fun trend, because you can either go semi-permanent or go washable. It’s fun to add some color to your hair for a music festival or fun market, even if you only want it to last for that one weekend or day.


Lime Crime has a lot of hair products, from little packets of color to containers that will give you an all-over look. The Peach Unicorn Hair Tint looks pretty, playful, and unique, and it does leave your hair feeling soft. But the final result does depend on your hair color.


This hair product earns three stars, because it doesn’t look the same on everyone’s hair. There is a disclaimer on the website, but we wish everyone could achieve the peachy summer look shown in the photo.

Velvetine Liquid Lipstick Bundle
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