North Korea Skips Anti-US Campaign


Following the recent agreement between North Korea and the United States concerning the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, both countries have been in a pleasantry tone with each other. In a sign of detente following the extraordinary summit, North Korea skipped one of its most significant anti-U.S. Imperialism rallies. This marked the beginning of the Korean War. The Pyongyang residents gather every year to rally against the United States. In 2018, they were involved in fist-bumps, flag-waving and slogans that were heard and seen everywhere. The campaign goes for a month and is structured to strengthen nationalism, unity, and patriotism.

At the end of the campaign usually on July 27, North Korea celebrates the day as a national holiday. It is named the day of the “Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.” In last year’s event, it took place on Kim Il Sung Square with an approximate of 100,000 people attending. This event had special postage stamps to give away. However, this year it was not clear as to whether the event will take place. The main reason being that the preparation of the summit was to increase chances of dialogue and reduce tension between the two nations. Authorities confirmed that the event would not take place.

The most revealing thing of the nature of the summit was that North Korea’s State Media aired a 42-minute documentary-style news show. The show was aired a couple of times to ensure the citizens of North Korea got the message. In fact, to some North Koreans, it was their first time they laid their eyes on Donald Trump. However, details of the summit were not disclosed in full. Some North Koreans are still trying to ponder why Washington is interested in denuclearization. The North Korean government, compelled to give answers, made a small reference to its need to have more nuclear weapons. As of last year, Kim’s long-range missile testing was getting on to the nerves of the United States government.

Before the summit, tensions had peaked to points that exceeded regular debate. It came to a point where the two leaders started throwing names at each other. It was quite a scene. Considering that Trump is among the oldest presidents on earth while Kim is among the youngest with a record of 31 years, their rivalry before the summit was detrimental. It has been a long time coming since the Americans are deemed arch enemies to North Koreans since the end of the Korean War in 1953. However, North Korea continued to say that their current diplomatic relations with the Trump administration should not be mistaken for weakness.


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