A Bomb Scare That Was Witnessed in Sacramento Ends Without an Incident.


There was bomb scare that was witnessed at Sacramento Bee’s downtown building on Thursday morning. The scare was swiftly resolved without any incident. Shortly before 9 AM, the whole event was already solved. The Midtown building was evacuated on Thursday morning after a suspicious bag was left at the front door. The authorities had asked all residents in the building to evacuate as fast as possible. The suspicious bag was described as a laptop bag that was dark in color. According to the Sacramento Police Department, the bag was discovered at the entrance of the Bee’s principal offices located at 21st and Q streets. The building supervisor, Mark Walters, said that one of the security guards working in the building noticed the suspicious bag and then alerted the police.

The Sacramento Police Department that included the explosive ordnance disposal unit arrived at the site as soon as they were alerted. The unit arrived at 8:30 AM. The unit had come with all equipment’s to clear the package. After the bag was thoroughly examined by a bomb squad police officer, who was in protective gear, he determined that the luggage inside was not a bomb. He made the declaration at around 9:15 AM. Eddie Macaulay, the Sacramento Police Department spokesman, said that there was nothing suspicious in the bag and that there were no explosives. However, he declined to say what was hidden inside the bag. Minutes later, employees working in the Bee building were allowed to enter and continue with their businesses. The bag was reported to have been dropped off by a man riding a bicycle at around 5:30 and 6 AM. A building staff had seen the man drop the bag there. After the police were called to inspect the bag, they decided to bring in the bomb squad from the police department.

Macaulay said that immediately, the police inspected the area and examined everything. They then decided to bring in the bomb squad so that they could deploy their expertise to ensure that everything was in order. There were hundreds of people arriving at the Bee apartment. Others were gathering on the streets and in the nearby parking lot as they patiently waited for the police to determine whether the bag carried an explosive. People were anxious and very fearful at the same time. The staff members said that this was the first time from 1996 since there was a bomb scare in the building.


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