Chelsea’s and Belgium’s number one Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, commented about the height of England’s goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford.


Thibaut Courtois has applauded England’s goalkeeper Jordan Pickford as a very talented goalkeeper. However, Thibaut had earlier criticized him for conceding a goal from Adnan Januzaj in the group stage match when the two nations met. Thibaut comments came after Belgium won the match over England at the group stages at the World Cup in Russia. Adnan Januzaj scored the only goal of the game. He netted a superb goal past Jordan Pickford. The Belgium keeper commented saying that Jordan Pickford was 10cm shorter than him. According to Thibaut, he would have managed to save the ball from going into the net.

Thibaut summarized saying that Jordan was only busy at the post throwing his legs in the air saving nothing. After the match between Belgium and Brazil where the team beat Brazil 2-1, Thibaut Courtois went on to settle the harsh talks between the two. The Belgian keeper addressed the press saying that people had misunderstood his comments. He made it clear that he was not mocking Pickford’s height. The media had exaggerated the whole story. He complemented Jordan Pickford as a very great and talented goalkeeper who was awesomely representing his nation. In the game against Brazil, Thibaut Courtois made a thread of superb saves to deny the Brazilians the chance to net the second goal. The goalkeeper was very proud of himself for having made superb saves despite the harsh criticism that he had received in the past season.

The goalkeeper went on to say that he had poorly been criticized from the beginning of the year. He reminded everyone that he is a great goalkeeper and that’s why he was in the world cup. Thibaut was all alert as the Brazilians came raining with very tactical set pieces. Courtois defenders were unable to stop some balls, which meant that it was up to him to prevent the shots from getting into the net. He was seen to be busy throughout the game. He could be seen organizing his defence and congratulating them when they blocked very dangerous shots. Again and again, he proved why he is a great goalkeeper. Not even Neymar was able to get a goal past Thibaut Courtois. Thibaut was all industrious to ensure that no goal went into the net securing the Belgians a great win. At one point, Neymar curled a very dangerous shot that almost went in, but Thibaut blocked it with a superb dive.


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