England’s Captain and Striker Harry Kane spoke about togetherness before their clash with Sweden


England’s Captain Harry Kane has applauded the English team as his brother’s on a mission to secure a win grabbing the tournament’s trophy and become world champions again after more than half a century. Harry Kane was speaking ahead of their match against Sweden in the cup quarter finals match in Russia. Kane made this emotional remarks in a press conference that was held in Samara. The captain expounded on the need for the team to be united especially within the training camp. He reminded the team that they had come so far and it was not the right time to separate, nor was it the time to back down from their primary mission in the World Cup.

England’s midfielder Fabian Delph also used the phrase ‘brother’ in his statement as he returned to the training camp after he had jetted to England to witness and welcome the birth of his third child at the beginning of the week. Harry was not left as he spoke positively about his family in Russia that was in the camp training and strategizing on their match against Sweden. Kane acknowledged the England football team in Russia as his family. This is because they have spent plenty of time together. The captain reported that everyone on the team relates to the other very well. He insisted on trust and togetherness before the tournament. England has proven over and over again that they have the will to win a match when they are on the pitch.

Every time, the English team came out strong and focused on playing clean football and winning. Every moment they win a game everyone wears a happy face and joy is always revolving around everywhere they go. The captain reminded everyone in the camp that every win comes with backbreaking work. There is nothing that comes easy. So far, Kane stated that he is so happy with everyone’s hard work. He told one media station that he views all the English players like his brothers and he hoped that they view him the same. Kane declared that everyone in the team would do anything for the other. He urged the squad to continue with the same spirit for the remainder of the tournament. Despite the last ordeal where the English team went to extra time and went on penalties to beat the Colombian team, Kane believes that they are on the upper hand of grabbing the world cup title.


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