Michael Hagele Advocates Mountain Bike Riding as a Path to Creativity


Michael Hagele is an accomplished, enthusiastic mountain bike rider in addition to his position as general counsel for industries that include biotechnology and defense. As an experienced investor, Michael selects budding technology firms before they become prominent companies. His negotiation skills enable him to create a wide array of contracts within the telecommunications industry. Mr. Hagele is involved in managing transactions in the United States and abroad. As a former attorney and general legal counselor, Mr. Hagele has extensive experience as a venture capitalist managing significant mergers. Michael studied Law at the University of California in Berkeley.

However, Michael Hagele has another passion. In the mornings, he reviews his counseling tasks and creates contracts. But the afternoons take Michael on a different journey via his mountain bike. Michael’s way of ruminating about new concepts is to ride his bike in the open air. As an experienced high-level executive and mountain bike rider, Michael has the best of the corporate world and the natural environment.

Michael is passionate about sharing his knowledge with people who are new to mountain bike riding. He believes that every person can reach a higher level by practicing and cultivating a patient attitude. He advocates attending a mountain bike skills camp if at all possible. Otherwise, Michael suggests that new riders find one or two buddies to join them on their biking treks. One of the most important things to remember about mountain bike riding is to always have access to live trail forecasts. A live trail forecast helps the rider understand what to expect at the next bend of the road.

Preparing for a Mountain Bike Excursion

According to Michael Hagele, riding a mountain bike offers a person the chance to work out at his or her own pace. Couch potatoes should not ride mountain bikes. Anyone who has an interest in learning how to ride a mountain bike needs to first spend time at a local fitness center and get into good shape. Playing tennis or joining a sports team are excellent ways to prepare for mountain bike riding. Michael also suggests that riders eat nutritious meals in the morning. Plus, he emphasizes the importance of stretching prior to riding a bike.

Clothes Offer a Primary Key to Enjoyable Mountain Bike Riding

Michael recommends wearing the proper clothing. But the most important thing is to wear a quality helmet that is neither too loose or too tight. Michael does not recommend special shoes designed for riding mountain bikes. He prefers wearing flat “clipless” bike sneakers. Riders should wear shirts and spandex shorts that stretch and enable the skin to breathe. Additionally, new riders should wear gloves that grip the bike’s handles.

Riders can carry extra items in small, lightweight backpacks. Ensure a healthy trip by bringing an ample supply of pure drinking water, energy bars, nuts and dried fruits. It is also a good idea to bring a driver’s license in case of an emergency. In addition, every rider should bring extra tire patches, spare tire tubes, a tire pump, lubricant for the chain and a small kit containing screwdrivers and pliers.

Conservative Tips for New Riders

Mr. Hagele emphasizes the importance of starting out at a slow velocity. Progression occurs with diligent practice. New riders need to learn several skills, including how to ride a mountain bike on flats, how to descend, how to climb hills and how to turn corners without losing control. Plus, riders need to know how to roll over rocks and other small objects on the road. Michael cautions new riders to avoid racing. Beginners should never try to ride as fast as experienced mountain bike riders.

Michael Hagele on a local trail

According to Michael Hagele, new riders should never try to achieve higher speeds unless they are positive they are experienced enough to handle the trail. He cautions beginning mountain bike riders to avoid high jumps or daring turns if they want to avoid spending time in a hospital. Riders need to take special precautions when riding in forests or other areas that include numerous trees. Plus, every rider needs to ride a bike at a safe distance from another rider. When riding on a populated trail, a new rider should always pull the bike to the side of the road and permit more experienced riders to pass.

Prepare for All Possible Weather Conditions

According to Michael, every rider needs to check the weather forecast before embarking on a mountain biking venture. A hot, sunny day means wearing different clothes than on a cold, rainy morning. Plus, dangerous weather conditions means that riders should stay home and play Scrabble or watch a good movie. It is important to wear a lip balm containing sun protection ingredients. Additionally, it is always a good idea to bring insect repellent to ward off mosquitoes.

Mountain Bike Riding Offers a New Perspective According to Michael Hagele

Michael stresses the fact that mountain biking is an excellent form of aerobic exercise that strengthens the heart and muscles. But robust physical health is not necessarily the most important benefit. Anyone can go to a gym, use a treadmill, lift weights and benefit from these activities. Riding a mountain bike offers another advantage. Spending time outdoors in a natural setting offers a rider a new way of looking at life and its complexities. Michael believes that mountain bike riding helps the mind develop new ideas and gives the spirit a fresh outlook at work.

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