Smart Phones Hurt Children’s Education


More teachers are starting to use smart phones in the classroom. However, this can actually make it harder for children to learn. One study showed that when smart phones are used in the classroom, children actually retain less information. The study was performed by researchers at New Brunswick School of Art and Sciences.

Arnold Glass was one of the lead authors of the study. He stated that many students believe that they can use a smart phone and learn at the same time. However, the study showed that using smart phones can have a negative effect on exam performance and final grades. The study involved 118 students who were studying cognitive psychology. They were put into two groups. Both groups had the same course work. One group was allowed to use a smart phone during class.

Most of the students who were allowed to use a smart phone in the classroom used it. The results showed that the smart phone did not affect a student’s ability to answer questions. However, it did affect their performance on exams. The smart phone decreased test scores by an average of 5 percent.

The researchers concluded that dividing your attention can affect your ability to retain information. They believe that when you use a smart phone, you spend less time on memory exercises. This includes things such as answering quiz questions.

The results of the study show that smart phones do not have a short-term effect on learning. However, they do have a long-term effect on learning. Arnold stated that teachers should warn students about using smart phones in the classroom. They will need to explain to children that smart phones not only impact a person’s ability to retain information, but it also affects the entire class. Students need to have their undivided attention on their school work.


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