Is Snyder Making His Own Snyder Cut?


According to rumors, Zack Snyder is working on his own cut of Justice League without the involvement of Warner Bros., with plans to announce its existence shortly.

This comes from Marco-Francisco Robles, editor-in-chief of the website Revenge of the Fans. According to “murmurs” that he has heard from reporters and fans, Zack Snyder has been editing his own version of the film on his own time, and may release a trailer for it soon. However, he has having talks with Warner Bros. about whether or not the studio is willing to release it, as it is, of course, their own property legally.

Robles seems to believe that this is true, but admits that “official channels still say [it] isn’t happening.”

Snyder, who directed Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for the DC Extended Universe, was the original director of Justice League, which formed a rough trilogy with his earlier films. He finished principle photography and was planning to do some reshoots, but then left the project; despite rumors about being fired, official word from all involved is that he wanted to spend time with his family after his daughter’s death.

Enter the new director, Joss Whedon. Because Snyder’s style is rather polarizing, Warner Bros. had him do massive reshoots, altering key plot points and making a film with more mainstream appeal. The result: a film that almost nobody saw but was generally deemed “okay,” in spite of some heavy tonal whiplash.

Fans of Snyder have been vocal in wanting him to make his own cut of the movie to show what his original vision was. Most who are “in the know” have claimed that, since Snyder was planning reshoots anyway, a full “Snyder Cut” simply does not exist. Others contest this, however, and thus we have rumors like this, saying that a Snyder Cut may be on the way after all.

Though he seems to be officially done directing in the DCEU, Snyder has dropped hints about his original plans on social media. Does he perhaps want to make his cut and get full closure of the project? If so, it is ultimately Warner Bros. decision whether or not to release his version to the fans; they could make some money doing so, but the general perception is that they want to put this movie behind them.


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