Whatsapp Has Been Reported to Set New Guidelines After Mob Killings.


WhatsApp Company has stated that it will limit the number of times text messages can be accelerated in India. The major announcement from the firm came after a sequence of mob lynchings were related to texts that spread on WhatsApp groups. The Indian government on Thursday released a significant warning to the Organization that it could face legal penalties as it remained a silent spectator. The country has over 200 million WhatsApp users. This makes India WhatsApp’s largest market. The company confirmed that users in India circulate photos, messages, and videos more than any other nation in the world.

Groups created on WhatsApp can have a maximum of 256 members. Many of the texts that were received by these members in every group are believed to have been the reason that triggered violence. The company said that violent texts and fake news were circulated to several groups that had more than 100 members. WhatsApp Company said that it was launching a test limit for the number of forwarded messages. The firm said that the new limit would apply to all WhatsApp users. For all Indian users, the limit will be more as compared to other places. A WhatsApp spokesperson based in India said that a single person in India would be able to circulate one text message for only five times.

However, this will not block another member in the group from circulating the message to the other five chats of their own. It’s a very tough challenge for the company. The company reported that they hope that the newly introduced measure will be compelling enough to stop the frequency of text messages being circulated. The firm also noted that it would be erasing the quick forward button that is next to the messages containing video or pictures.

The measures came in the wake of a thread of mob lynching’s that had been witnessed. At least 18 people have been reported to have been killed across India from April 18th. The Media has been reported to have inflated the number of victims during their reporting. The violence that has been going on has been blamed on various rumors of child kidnappings that have been consistently spread via WhatsApp. This has led to the murder of strangers. The Indian police have been reported to be facing a major challenge to convince the public that the messages are false. Recently, a man who was deployed by the local government was lynched.


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