Domestic Violence Leads to Plane Crash That Kills Husband


A man from Utah decided to take it upon himself to borrow a plane from a friend and fly it into his wife’s home after he was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Officers arrested Duane Youd on Sunday evening and took him to the police department after claims that he and his wife got into an argument. The couple was drinking at home and started fighting. The fight escalated, and Duane started assaulting his wife. After only being in jail for a few hours, Duane was bailed out and was allowed to go home.

An officer went with Duane to his house so that he could get some clothes and other items because he didn’t plan on staying in the home with his wife. He also wanted to get his vehicle from the property. When the officer went with Duane to the home, the interaction between the man and his wife seemed to go well. That’s when the situation went wrong as Duane drove to the Spanish Fork-Springville Airport. When Duane arrived at the airport, he took a Cessna 525 Citation. Duane has worked as a professional pilot in the past and knows how to fly various planes and other aircraft.

The plane that Duane took belonged to his employer. He got in the plane alone and flew it to the neighborhood where his wife’s home was located. Shortly after 2:30 in the morning, Duane flew the plane into the home. His wife and a child were sleeping in the home at the time of the crash. When the plane crashed, the front of the home, as well as the plane, started to burn. Duane’s wife and child managed to get out of the home without any injuries. Officers found Duane’s body in the wreckage. Family members and friends knew Duane as a caring person and someone who normally wouldn’t do something of this nature.


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