Mystery Russian Satellite’s Behavior Has Raised Concerns in the United States.


According to a State Department worker, a very furtive Russian satellite exhibiting abnormal behaviors had raised concerns in the US. Yleem Poblete, the secretary’s assistant, noted that they never knew for sure what the satellite was exhibiting. They also hadn’t gathered enough information to verify it. Yleem gave these reports in a conference that was carried out in Switzerland on 14th August. The assistant secretary echoed her fears saying that the satellite may potentially be an object that could be used as a weapon. Russia has so far dismissed the claims. Moscow noted that the comments were untrue and were just mere accusations that were based on suspicion. The satellite that was in question had been launched by the Russian government last year in October.
Yleem Poblete addressed the conference that was held in Switzerland. He said that the behavior of the satellite on the earth’s orbit was very inconsistent compared to the other movements that were seen before from an orbit inspection that had been carried out.

Yleem said that routine checkups were important for efficient situational awareness. These included other Russian inspection actions. Yleem noted that the Russian intentions regarding the issue with their satellite were still unclear. He also added that the intentions by the Kremlin are an extremely alarming development. The assistant also noted that the comments were from the Russian chief of army space forces. The commander noted that assuming new models of weapons was a primary objective for the force.

Yleem stated that the United States possessed very critical concerns over the issue that Russia was developing anti-satellite weapons. A senior Russian diplomat, Alexander Deyneko, noted that the comments delivered by Yleem were all mere speculations. He went on to say that Yleem was working on pure suspicions and had no proof to present her allegations. Alexander called on the United States to take part in a Russian-Chinese accord that sought to avert a space arms race. According to Yleem, space weapons are designed to inflict damage in multiple ways than the traditional weaponry. For instance, such arms could inflict lots of debris on the earth’s orbit.

A research analyst from the Royal United services institute, Alexander Stickings, noted that such weapons may possess microwave or lasers frequencies that could halt a the normal operations of a satellite. The frequencies may also have the option of disabling the satellite permanently without destroying it.


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