New Home For Elderly Dog


For many dogs and cats in animal shelters, finding a home sometimes doesn’t come soon enough. Smoke didn’t have long to live in a shelter because he has a terminal illness. At 10 years old, he finally got a bit of good news in his life. Someone adopted him so that he could live out the rest of his life in freedom while running in a yard and getting plenty of love. Smoke’s new family has taken him on several adventures after being adopted from the Animal Welfare League.

One of the first outings that Smoke went on was at Nationals Park. While Smoke was at Nationals Park, his new owner took pictures of him with some of the players. The dog was also taken on a trailer around the park so that he could experience the sights and sounds of nature since he had been in the shelter for some time. He also made a visit to the Arlington County Police Department where officers took pictures with him and gave him quite a few hugs. Smoke rode in one of the police cars and took a nap in the back seat on a soft blanket. He has also been featured on several Arlington news shows and has enjoyed a doughnut or two with police officers.

Amy Childers took Smoke home on a Thursday afternoon after his adoption papers were processed. He has been a joy to her and the rest of her family ever since. Smoke can now enjoy his life in a loving environment where his owner will make sure he has the proper care that he needs until his life comes to an end. Shelters across the Arlington area are trying to reach out to other people who would be willing to adopt the many animals that are still at shelters.


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