Producer Claims No Plans for Halloween Sequel


Jason Blum, producer of the upcoming Halloween movie, claims that there are currently no plans for a sequel to the film. Buzz for the movie has been high since the first trailer for the film was released in June. When a fan predicted a $100 million opening weekend haul and asked Blum if work on a sequel had begun, the produced tweeted, “We don’t have a plan, but I love your question.” Blum’s tweet has since been deleted, but fans and media outlets have begun speculating on Blum’s response. By far the most widely accepted interpretation of Blum’s statement is that Universal Studios, the studio that distributes the Halloween films, is waiting to see if the current film is a success before greenlighting a sequel. In support of this theory, fans point out that when previously asked if there would be anymore Halloween films, Blum responded with a tweet saying, “I really hope so.”

Another interpretation of Blum’s tweet is that the film is envisioned as a standalone entry in the series. As fans of the franchise know, original creator John Carpenter envisioned 1981’s Halloween II to be the conclusion of the Michael Myers story. In an interview with Deadline in 2014, Carpenter confessed that he dragged his feet when writing Halloween II and the story did not do the franchise justice. Producers ended up bringing back Myers for eight more films following Halloween II. The upcoming film will ignore the previous sequels to the film and be a direct sequel to the 1978 original. [Haloween Clothing]

Danny McBride, Halloween’s co-writer, gave a different take on a sequel in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. McBride revealed that when the film was originally conceived, it was planned as two parts. Intending to shoot both films back-to-back, the group behind the film decided that it would be more prudent to just film one movie. Specifically, McBride told of how there were concerns that the first film might not be well received by audiences. Rather than possibly making two sub-par films, the creative team decided to put all their attention into one film and see if audiences were interested in the story before launching into a sequel. Halloween is scheduled for release on October 19 and reunites the original team of Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, and John Carpenter.


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