Ryan Seacrest Enjoys Summer in France, American Idol Auditions Start

Ryan Seacrest France Vacation
Ryan Seacrest France Vacation

Ryan Seacrest is on vacation. While the busiest man on Earth seems like he never has time to relax, the “American Idol” host has finally found time in his hectic life to enjoy some free time in between work. Ryan and his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, have been enjoying their lavish European vacation, and here’s what they’ve been doing.

The famous couple was seen having a lot of fun in the sun and on the water. Seacrest and Taylor were spending time on a yacht but they also had a little bit of adrenaline action on the open seas in the French Riviera. Ryan was seen with a helmet and a water vest while flying upwards and over the water as Shayna looked at him from the safe distance. The 26-year-old model and Instagram star had her phone in hand and was taking photos and videos of her man’s adventure while rocking a stylish outfit.

Just days before going to France, Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend were spending some romantic time in Portofino, Italy. They were spotted kissing on a boat ride and walking hand-in-hand heading out for dinner with friends. It’s obvious that these lovebirds had plenty of romance and adventure on their summer trip.

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor have been dating for a few years now. They broke up at one point but they are now stronger than ever before. The couple has even bought an apartment together in New York City after Ryan was hired to co-host the Live show with Kelly Ripa. Seacrest also often mentions Shayna in the morning show and talks about their life together, especially their food adventures.

Seacrest even invited Shayna to drop by “Live with Kelly and Ryan” for a full-on cooking segment that became a contest. Besides being a model, Taylor is actually a graduate of the Art Institute Culinary School and a personal chef. Although she’s not working as a chef at the moment, Shayna often shares healthy recipes on her Instagram. She also made a flourless, sugar-free banana bread as the part of the show’s challenge. “I believe in homemade everything; homemade everything is kind of my jam since you don’t really know what ingredients are in store-bought foods,” she said.


Ryan Seacrest’s French Adventure

After enjoying a sun-drenched getaway in Italy, the entertainment mogul and his model girlfriend decided they needed something else than just well-deserved rest and relaxation. The 43-year-old producer had a go on a jet-powered flyboard in-between being spotted kissing with Taylor in France.

The cute couple chose a more adrenaline-fueled activity while enjoying the scenery off the coast of Saint Tropez in France from a luxury yacht. Seacrest showed up in his nautical chic outfit, rocking a pale button-up shirt which he carefully paired with navy shorts. Once again, Seacrest proved that his style is always perfect.

As Ryan Seacrest gave the jet board a whirl, he quickly ended up in the water several times! For a few moments it looked like maybe Ryan was having a hard time getting used to the high-powered gadget as he was flying sideways and hitting the water hard. But soon it looked like Seacrest finally got the hang of it and had a real blast. That said, there is officially no activity that Ryan Seacrest can’t handle like a professional.

After his jet board experience was over, Ryan got back onto the yacht to tell Taylor what it was like. While Shayna showed no intention to do the same thing her boyfriend just did, she seemed very happy just watching Seacrest have fun. The couple day was also photographed working out together on the yacht the same day.

Shayna was wearing a white tank top and pink shorts while exercising with Ryan. The famous couple was seen doing jumping jacks and lifting weights to keep their fabulous physiques in check. But as the summer is slowly ending, so is Ryan Seacrest’s glamorous vacation. The couple will soon hop on a private jet to be back in NYC for his KISS-FM morning radio show, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” and ABC’s “Live With Kelly And Ryan.” But that’s not all; “American Idol” is revving up for a new season!

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol Renewed
Ryan Seacrest and American Idol Renewed

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol Return for the Next Season  

Everyone was more than excited when ABC announced that “American Idol” has been renewed for a second season and its 17th overall. ABC and FremantleMedia brought back TV’s biggest competition show a year after it ended its 15-season run on Fox in 2016. This was also the moment when everyone knew that Ryan Seacrest and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie would be entertaining us during another season.

“We knew that American Idol on ABC would unleash an opportunity for singers from all walks of life to realize their dreams and that these incredible contestants would have America rooting for their success,” said Channing Dungey, ABC Entertainment president. “I am thrilled that Katy, Luke, Lionel and Ryan will be back to once again embark on this Idol journey with us to discover the next crop of inspiring talent.”

Of course, Perry, Richie and Seacrest all took to social media to celebrate the renewal as well. “Y’ALL! I’m having TWO much fun to stop now… so why don’t we keep it going!?” Katy Perry tweeted. Seacrest also added: “After a nationwide vote … #AmericanIdol will be back for S2 on ABC! Can’t wait to do it again.”

“What I love the most is the fact that now … we know how it works,” Richie told Lauren Zima at ET. “So, the next time around, it gets even better because we understand how the whole thing works. It’s so great.” “It’s so nice to have planned employment for next year,” Bryan said. “I’ve never had employment this far out in my whole life.”

Katy Perry also has great plans that include her makeup and hair looks. “Bigger hair. Better dresses,” Katy said, adding, “And more obscenity. We know we’re having an effect on people and they’re having an effect on us,” Perry said. “And that, my friend, is priceless.”

The expectations are high as the last season ended with a twist. Seven years ago on “American Idol,” the top three were country singers Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina and rocker Haley Reinhart. While some experts speculated that Haley would split the country vote and take the crown, that didn’t happen.

However, history didn’t repeat itself in the last season if “American Idol.” Indie-folk artist Maddie Poppe actually pulled off a major upset against contestants Caleb Lee Hutchinson, who won the second place, and Gabby Barrett who had been widely predicted to win as the Carrie Underwood clone but had to settle for the third place. The Idol’s 16th champion was so surprised with the result that she could barely sing her victory song.

This is exactly why “American Idol” is so popular – you never know who is going to change the game. But there is one person who’s always been a perfect match for the show, and that is Ryan Seacrest. Kelly Ripa excitedly revealed that Seacrest would be returning to Idol during their Live show.

Ripa especially praised Seacrest for knowing how to deal with contestants who have just received the devastating news that they have been voted off. “You make that show. You are the heart and soul,” Kelly told her Live co-host. “People really don’t understand how difficult it is to be there, be supportive, keep the show moving at the clip that it moves and then back away when you need to back away … And step away when you need to step in… Because you make it look so easy, no one understands how difficult it is. Only you can do it.”

Ryan Seacrest also knew that he would go back to the show. He even suggested that going back to the show was like returning to “a 15-year relationship,” not knowing why the relationship ended. “The show is going, we thought well, and then all of a sudden we broke up,” he said of the end of Idol on Fox. “I thought it would be great to get back together at some point.”


The Next Season is on Its Way!

Although the 2019 season has been confirmed, a premiere date hasn’t yet been released. However, online auditions for Season 2 are now open on ABC’s website, as well as dates and locations for open auditions. The last season’s success will be hard to top, but if the judges, showrunners and brilliant Ryan Seacrest managed to find the top talent in the first round, they can surely do it again. It’s “American Idol,” after all!

Here is the list of auditions for the world’s most popular singing competition:

Orlando, FL – August 25
San Diego, CA – August 25
Chattanooga, TN – August 28
Scottsdale, AZ – August 28
Charlotte, NC – August 31
Albuquerque, NM – August 31
Seattle, WA – August 31
Boise, ID – September 2
Richmond, VA – September 3
Plano, TX – September 3
Houston, TX – September 4
Austin, TX – September 6
Philadelphia, PA – September 6
Oklahoma City, OK – September 6
Buffalo, NY – September 9
Kansas City, MO – September 9
Shreveport, LA – September 9
Columbus, OH – September 12
Little Rock, AR – September 12
Charleston, WV – September 15

All individuals will be told immediately if they have passed to the second round of auditions with executive directors. Those auditioning are welcome to bring instruments or be accompanied by another person with an instrument. Pre-recorded accompanied tracks are prohibited.

Online pre-registration is now available, which will allow individuals to print release forms and skip the day-of registration process. Everyone who is interested can find more information at abc.go.com/shows/american-idol/auditions.

The the world’s famous Idol Bus has already hit the road on August 25, in Orlando, Florida and San Diego, California. The aspiring artists who can’t make it out to an in-person audition can submit their talent online at americanidol.com/auditions or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Musical.ly with the hashtag #TheNextIdo. Those interested must be at least 15 years old to audition while the cut off age is 28.

Next Stop – Albuquerque!

The show’s iconic bus will roll into Old Town from 7 am to 5 pm on Friday and producers of the music competition will look for the next big singing talent! “I keep coming back for the talent,” said Brent McCosker, a show producer. “If we don’t have the talent, we don’t have the show. This is why we enjoy the process of finding talent across the country.”

The producers and crew will do everything they can while crisscrossing the country in search of the Idol. The “American Idol” bus stopped in New Mexico twice during its long-running history. In June 2015, auditions were held at the Railyard Park in Santa Fe, and in July 2014, Old Town hosted the event which saw more than 2,000 people audition.

McCosker also said that having the two buses allows the production to spread out in a number of places. “We’re trying to leave no stone unturned,” he said. “All it takes is a chance. There are talented people across the country who aren’t ever discovered. The purpose of this show has always been to find the undiscovered talent.”

McCosker said the most difficult part to handle is the logistics. “It’s tricky juggling locations,” he said. “We’ll go to a city and we need to find a venue. That can be an issue sometimes because we don’t plan things a million years out. The thing is we’re not making a show for producers. We’re making a show for the people. That’s the most important thing.”

“Maddie auditioned at one of the open calls,” McCosker said. “She took a chance and she won. I’m sure there is talent in Albuquerque and I’m looking forward to checking it out.”

Get Ready, Philadelphia

Philly, are you ready for a date with Katy Perry, Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the crew? Aspiring singing stars are invited to show their talents when the ABC reality show’s bus pulls into Philly on Thursday, September 6. The open-call auditions will be held at Franklin Square.

The Philly-South Jersey area was represented in a great way during the past season of “American Idol.” Mara Justine, a high school student from Galloway who previously appeared on “America’s Got Talent,” made it to the top 14 round before being eliminated. Philadelphia singers Dennis Lorenzo and Michael J. Woodard also went far. Lorenzo made it to the top 10 while Woodard got into the top 5. And fan favorite Catie Turner of Langhorne, Pa., was safe until the top 7 round, when she unfortunately forgot the lyrics to “Manic Monday.”

“American Idol” Bus in Oklahoma City

If you are from Oklahoma City and you can sing, this information will make you very happy. “American Idol” will open auditions in the Wheeler District at 1701 S. Western Ave. in Oklahoma City on September 6, which means that the future contestants will have their chance to meet Ryan Seacrest in person!

Brett McCosker said these would be the show’s first auditions in Oklahoma City since its return to television in 2017, which held auditions in Tulsa. McCosker also said the audition tour attempts to reach as many locations as possible within a short time frame. He explained the auditions are a vital part of the show and discovering unknown talent. “Other shows, it’s all about the judges,” McCosker said. “But we are all about the contestants, and if we don’t have that talent we don’t have a show.”

For those who plan to audition, McCosker said he recommends individuals select a song they connect with emotionally. “If they choose a song they don’t connect with themselves, it’s hard for us to connect with it,” he explained, adding, “It tends to come across in performance.” Registration will begin at 7 a.m. with auditions following at 9 am. Casting producers will be individually stationed at tables where auditioners will sing for 90 seconds.


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