California Running out of Firefighting Funds as Blazes Rage

Wildfires burning in California

The state of California is blazing up as a result of the climate change. The unexpected weather conditions mainly drive it. As firefighters of California continue the fight against the raging wildfires, its fire department is running short on money to maintain the fights. It was noted down by officials from the fire agency.

According to Cal Fire, the state has been met with 5,941 wildfires. All the fires have been in this year burning a large number of acres. However, the official fire season has only just commenced. California has spent $432 million during August. It has left $11 million in its yearly budget. It was noted down by the San Francisco Chronicle. On Thursday, Ken Pimlott, the director of Cal Fire, asked the state legislators to finance an additional $234 million.

It is typical for the director to seek the additional funds. However, this move is marked as being the earliest ever in the year for such a request to be made. A spokesman said these sentiments to the Sacramento Bee. It is the 8th time in the past decade that Cal Fire has had to ask for more funds.

Pimlott wrote a letter to the legislators. In it is stated as follows; the climate change-driven extreme state weather conditions continue to lead intense and massive fires. California’s insurance commissioner, Dave Jones, cautioned that based on past happenings, we should expect the worst. He stated that the proceeding couple of months to come, we might see additional fires with immense losses.

The state’s legislative meeting ended on Friday. However, the emergency funds could be transferred to Cal Fire only if the joint Legislative budget committee confirms the transfer. It was as per the Bee. The Golden State is in a dilemma and is requesting the federal government for funds and logistical support.

Currently, some significant wildfires are burning in the state. It is inclusive of the Delta fire situated in northern California. It has burned up 58 square miles since its initialization last Wednesday. The blaze covered a 45-mile length of 1-5 covering both sides. It was the major north-south artery via California.

Recently this summer, the state experienced its most significant fire ever noted. The Mendocino Complex fire burned 459,123 acres. Currently, it is 98% contained. Carr Fire, on the other hand, burned 229,651 acres. The state pointed out the previous week when the two fires caused a minimum of $845 million in damaged property.


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