Chelsea’s New Manager Maurizio Sarri Seems to Create Everlasting Chemistry Among the Chelsea Players.


We can say that the penny that was used to bring in the Italian manager to England has already started to pay back. The only desire that the manager wishes to ask from his players is to keep on swarming forward, pressing with much intensity and passing the ball at a higher pace. So far, Chelsea’s game has been impressing and improving every day. The players have also been impressed with new tactics that Sarri has been introducing. The seven weeks that Maurizio Sarri has been with the Blues results have been evident. The majority of Maurizio Sarri’s squad will be heading for the International break. While they will be away, the manager will be concentrating on entirely moving to his new home. He will be carrying his dog along too. The pet has joined the manager already in England and both like keeping each other company.

Last weekend’s game, the Blues were able to correct their shortcomings that they created during the first half. The manager noted that the players were moving the ball a bit slow and never pressed forwards with much intensity. Eden Hazard also recognized that they would have done better during the first half. Hazard noted that the manager is always annoyed when they keep the ball at the back. Marcos Alonso, the Blue’s left-back noted that Sarri likes it when the ball moves forwards frequently and pressing at a high pace. Hazard said that Bournemouth made their tactics quite tricky. However, the host was determined to make three points from the tough match. Chelsea was determined to make their campaign for the title noticeable. The squad wants to be the English champions. Chelsea is so far facing stiff competition from teams like Liverpool and Manchester City. The two teams have been at their top form.

Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola had vowed to dominate the English Premier League. This is a point that Chelsea is trying to disapprove the last season English premier league winners. The new players that have joined Chelsea this season have all been performing well. The Italian boy Jorginho has been making remarkable passes matching what the Italian boss requires. Real Madrid’s midfielder Mateo Kovacic has already started to have more profound chemistry with forwards Eden Hazard, Pedro and Alvaro Morata. Pedro has been the superstar for the Blues team as he has scored three goals in the last four Premier League games.


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