The Death of a Mourning mother Near Daughter’s Memorial Site


The President of the United States held a campaign to condemn gang violence against anyone in the state. He talked about various young and old people that the gang has murdered. In his campaign, he recognized a mother from New York who died near her child’s memorial site. A vehicle hit Evelyn Rodriguez, a mourning mother who lost her daughter to the gang two years ago. This happened when she had attended her daughter’s memorial. She died on the spot after the vehicle hit her.

The vehicle hit Rodriguez after she had an intense argument with the driver. A relative of the driver resides near the memorial. The police said that the driver and Evelyn were arguing about why the driver had parked the car where it was. Another person accompanied Rodriguez, but the police did not disclose her identity. Witnesses saw the two in the street shouting at the driver. The driver then got angry at all those screams and ran over Evelyn. The vehicle was at a very high speed. Rodriguez died at the age of 50. Donald Trump tweeted his condolences and said he was with the family and friends of Evelyn through prayers. The driver did not sustain any injury after that. He then went ahead and called the police. They however did not disclose the driver’s name.

A vehicle run over Evelyn in California. It was near this place where the police found Evelyn’s daughter, Kayla Cuevas’ body. Cuevas was 16 years old at the time of her brutal murder. Her body was in bad shape, with cuts and bruises all over when the police found it. This shows that her killers tortured her before they decided to kill her. Kayla’s friend, Nisa Mickens was also murdered. Nisa was a year younger than her friend Kayla was. The police discovered Nisa’s body next to a school and Kayla’s body some meters away the following day.

The police have not found evidence that links the death of Evelyn with the gang that killed her daughter. However, the officials in charge of the investigations were not to disclose anything to the public. Rodriguez spoke condemning the gang that attacked her daughter and her friend, before her death. The community is also trying to fight this kind of violence. The police arrested the suspects involved in the death of the girls and they were charged. Their charges would result to death penalty.


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