Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR 2018 Award

Graeme Holm & Rebecca Walker of Infinity Group Australia at AFR 2018 awards night
Graeme Holm & Rebecca Walker of Infinity Group Australia at AFR 2018 awards night

According to the Australian Financial Review, Infinity Group Australia is one of the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. This accolade was offered to Infinity Group after they ranked 58 in a competition between thousands of nominees. This recognition also extended to the organisation’s founders, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. They co-founded the company in 2013, and the rapid growth since then reflects Infinity’s ability to meet consumer demand for debt-reduction services. Infinity Group provides critical financial planning for Australians who carry debt burdens that impair their future potential.

Infinity Group Australia is now established as a leader in the debt-reduction industry. The innovation award gives additional credibility to the company. This is an important step for an organisation that began operating only five years ago. The award is even more significant because it has only existed for the past seven years. This is the only list that exists for multiple industries, and the publication is read by more than 1.8 million people. It is currently called the 100 Most Innovative Companies, and it was changed from the BRW Most Innovative Companies.

Inventium, The Selection Process

The process of selecting the winners reveals important information about every company that made the top 100 list. For example, companies like Infinity Group received recognition for their ability to solve specific problems according to the needs of the client. This list also rated companies on their impact in communities as well as the innovation involved in coming up with the solution. Other qualities that were recognised included the company culture, use of resources, process innovations and strategic applications. By achieving a ranking of 58 in a competition involving over 1,000 companies, Infinity Group Austria achieved a percentage bracket that puts them at the top 5.8 percent of all nominated companies.

The selection process was performed by Inventium, a leader in innovation and consultation. Nominees were assessed by particular qualities in their respective areas. For example, Infinity Group Australia was chosen for the prestigious list based on their innovation, strategy, internal process and resource use. Graeme Holm, Infinity Group’s founding member, released a public statement after the company was selected for a spot on the list. He said, “We are proud to have been listed on the 2018 Most Innovative Companies List, thanks to Inventium and the Australian Financial Review.” He added that he was proud of the amazing work by the company’s team. He mentioned that hard work and passion allowed the company to create a budget platform and innovative services, which landed the organisation on the list at the top percentile.

About Inventium’s Process

The process for selection revealed a significant amount of information about the nominees. Each company was thoroughly reviewed for innovation and implementation. In addition, staff members were asked to complete a survey. Companies can always use this feedback process to improve their existing services. Performance reports are issued to each company, and this enables each nominee to review their overall marks. The report can provide value regardless of the final ranking. Inventium also offered a workshop. This forum allows companies to learn more about the process used to select the most innovative companies in Australia.

Tips are provided to assist companies who are interested in boosting their capacity to innovate and grow. It also encourages companies who don’t make the final list to continue applying the recommendations made by the industry benchmark report, which is provided by Inventium. Companies that make use of the feedback from this document will automatically qualify for the next year’s nomination process at no charge. This provides incentives for companies to continue to develop and grow as much as possible for a chance at making the 2019 Most Innovative Companies list.

About Infinity – Company Background

Graeme Holm has been in the financial service sector for more than 15 years, and he has a passion for working with financial institutions on integrity issues. He mentioned that this work was possible because he saw an incredible amount of need for reliable and honest financial services for the ordinary Australian household. During this process, he realised that it would be necessary to create a new company that represents the interests of ordinary families who are experiencing crippling levels of debt. His previous experience also involved working with banks to keep their operations functioning in a manner that encourages consumer confidence. Because of these efforts, Infinity Group’s founding member achieved a spot on the MPA Top 100 Brokers list. The statistics for success are also remarkable. By coordinating efforts between creditors and borrowers, the company has been able to effectively negotiate the terms of the debt for the benefit of Australian families.

Infinity Group has a commitment to customer service that reaches every level of the organisation. The statistics achieved by the company are revealing. The company was able to boast a success rate of 100 percent for clients with home loans. Every client was able to reduce their home loan in only three months by an amount greater than the previous year using their previous loan structure. This is why the average loan reduction amount is so considerable. Within one year, the average level of debt eliminated was around $41,000. The purpose of Infinity Group was to help working families reduce debt and manage their overall financial affairs. These statistics clearly show a stunning level of success. The recognition represents a significant milestone, and it positions the company as a leader in the financial services industry.

Infinity Group Australia – Financial Solutions

Infinity Group Australia is located in the New South Wales area of Sydney, and the local area is Bella Vista. The company has experienced an unprecedented rate of growth, and this reflects the needs of consumers in the debt marketplace. The company maintains an internal culture that is committed to the same principles used by the Australian Financial Review panel. As a result, the founder was also listed on the MPA Top 100 Brokers list for customer service and management in 2018. Innovations and applied strategies continue to inform the culture of the company. As a leader and trusted name in the financial services industry in Australia, Infinity Group provides a resource for clients while maintaining the highest standard of excellence.

Infinity Group began as a solution to a specific need perceived by the founder, Graeme Holm. He observed a substantial unmet need in the market, which was overflowing with Australians struggling to deal with basic financial planning and debt reduction. The company founder also had an insight regarding the nature of the relationship between consumers and lending institutions. He discovered that the current financial products were not designed to help the average Australian deal with problems involving debt reduction, wealth building and future planning. The organisation was designed to provide a resource for these customers who have often lost confidence in the financial sector altogether. The integrity necessary to reverse this one household at a time was built into the company.

Summary, Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm performed extensive market research before deciding to create the new company in 2013 with Rebecca Walker. The findings clearly indicated a substantial need for financial services designed to improve the lives of ordinary families living in Australia and New Zealand. The research showed that there was a huge need for financial solutions coupled with a lack of access to services that would allow them to improve their situation. The solution offered by Infinity draws heavily on this research, and it pairs the customer with a banker to work on a customized solution for loan reduction. This process allows the debtor to have a personalised plan that addresses the most pressing issues. The personal banking professional works closely with each client to make it possible to pay off loans as fast as possible. The budgeting process allows the client to understand the plan, and performance reports provide feedback during the loan repayment process.

The Australian Financial Review is a credible source for investment, financing and business related news in this area of the world. It is cited heavily by investors and business owners as a reliable publication that offers insights into critical issues. This group has established itself in the industry as a leading voice for independent journalists. Graeme Holm is a co-founding member of Infinity Group Australia, and he is committed to providing debt relief for struggling Australians. He believes that the financial system works against ordinary families, and he developed a method for helping individual households to eliminate debt as fast as possible. His background includes work in the financial industry, real estate sector and banking services. This experience allowed him to understand the way ordinary families are being offered bad deals, and his company was organised in a way that can empower them to get out of debt and take control over their finances. According to Mr. Holm, a financial planner is like a personal trainer, and customers might need a lot of guidance before they finally achieve financial health.


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