Jeunesse Founder Wendy Lewis Named Champion of the Year

Jeunesse Founder Wendy Lewis Named Champion of the Year

Global phenomenon Jeunesse is transforming the beauty industry on multiple levels. The direct selling company’s innovative, holistic approach to skin care and well-being is just as refreshing as its approach to corporate responsibility.

The philanthropic pursuits of Jeunesse cover a range of concerns, spearheaded by Co-Founder and COO Wendy Lewis. Jeunesse Kids is the company’s nonprofit foundation, devoted to creating a brighter future for children around the world. In 2017, Jeunesse Kids raised $1.58 million to fund local initiatives around the world.

Lewis was recently honored by the prestigious Women World Awards, earning four awards, including the Gold Award for Champion of the Year 2018, which recognized her work with Jeunesse Kids.

Changing Lives

Jeunesse Kids was founded in 2012 by Lewis and her husband, Co-Founder and CEO Randy Ray. The foundation is at the forefront of the company’s many efforts to change people’s lives across the globe.

The goal of Jeunesse Kids is to give children a better tomorrow by improving their communities today. The mission has three tiers: Release children from poverty, ensure healthcare and education, and end child exploitation. Jeunesse Kids has achieved remarkable success through dozens of unique efforts that directly impact children in need.

These programs include everything from local shoe drives to educational initiatives and from fundraisers for children’s hospitals to building water treatment facilities and schools. Jeunesse Kids takes a proactive approach to real change by focusing on smaller scale, local projects, so Jeunesse Distributors can be directly involved. This active participation is more effective than sending money to a region. With direct funding and infrastructure for these localized programs, the global Jeunesse network of Distributors is hands-on in creating a tangible impact.

Among its international initiatives, Jeunesse Kids has adopted WE Villages in China, Ecuador and Kenya, and added its fourth village in 2018, in India. Local projects for the villages include the construction of a new school in Dao Lazui, China; more than $290,000 in aid and clean water and sanitation systems for the community in Irkaat, Kenya; and the construction of a water tank for the school’s new water treatment facility in Los Rios, Ecuador.

Lewis in the Lead

Having started her career as a math teacher, Wendy Lewis has earned the reputation of being an inspiration to businesswomen worldwide. Her incredible success at the helm of Jeunesse is a model achievement. Lewis’ status as a role model is further underscored by her prolific philanthropy.

The Women World Awards is an annual program in which peers recognize those who have surpassed extraordinary milestones in their respective industries. It honors women from all organizations and businesses in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Winners exhibit the prevailing qualities of success, including innovation, leadership and organizational performance.

While Jeunesse earned a Gold Award for Company Growth of the Year, Lewis also received three Silver Awards: for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Female Executive of the Year, and Woman of the Year – Lifetime Achievement. She has said she is proud of this honor and has utmost respect for institutions supporting female entrepreneurship.

“It is quite an honor to be recognized in a competition that celebrates the success of women in business and the companies they command. I am proud to stand among women from such diverse industries, geographic locations and companies,” she said in a statement.

Beyond the latest Women World Awards recognition, Wendy Lewis and Jeunesse have been honored with a bounty of awards and nominations. In 2012, 2014 and 2017, Lewis was named among the Most Influential Women in Direct Selling by the industry-leading publication, “Direct Selling News.”

Building Corporate Responsibility

Jeunesse has become one of the most far-reaching and successful direct-selling beauty lines in the industry, maintaining 34 offices worldwide for a business that spans more than 140 countries. With Wendy Lewis leading the way, Jeunesse was built firmly on a foundation of corporate social responsibility.

With its innovative and science-backed beauty products and supplements, Jeunesse is dedicated to helping people look young, feel young and live young. Their products are designed to nurture full-body wellness. It is fitting that the company reflects the concept of beauty from the inside out, as their corporate commitment to making the world a better place reflects the same.

Having garnered such success in such a short time, it is clear Jeunesse is a company to watch not only for its innovations in beauty and wellness, but for its undeniable impact on facilitating real change in the world.


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