New Black Panther Cartoon to Premiere Soon


The movie industry was taken by storm earlier this year when the Marvel Studios “Black Panther” film did massive numbers at the box office around the world. It should be no surprise then that Disney, the parent company of Marvel, wants to try to capitalize as much as possible on the popularity of the character. They are striking while the iron is hot with the release of a new animated series which will be called “Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest.” The series will air on the Disney XD network on September 23.

There were rumors for several months that a Black Panther animated series was in development after the huge success of the movie. These rumors were finally confirmed when Disney released the first trailer for the series. The trailer has received many positive reviews from various TV and entertainment websites. The plot of the series involves the Black Panther balancing his duties as the ruler of Wakanda and trying to fit in as a new member of the Avengers. The series will also incorporate a certain amount of CGI animation. There will be old and new villains. However, the list of specific villains that will be featured in the series has not been released as of yet. It is unclear if the new series will take into account the events of the live action movie. Black Panther’s two most important enemies, Klaw and Killmonger, were killed in the film. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if they are in the animated series.

There seems to be no end to the amount of Black Panther projects that Disney has authorized in the wake of the success of the film. There will obviously be a sequel to the live action film. There has also been a Black Panther Lego animated movie. Disney knows that it has a very popular character on its hands. However, they need to be careful not to oversaturate the market with Black Panther projects. Doing this will run the risk of making the public tired of the character. This could hurt the success of future projects involving the character.

The Black Panther animated series will continue Disney XD’s string of highly acclaimed Marvel shows. They have also had series involving Spider-Man and the Avengers. They will no doubt have more Marvel related projects on the horizon since Disney now owns all of the classic characters.


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