Technology Department Should Relinquish Blaming the Community for its Teething Troubles.


Currently, almost everything is managed and operated digitally through the support of the advanced technology. Nonetheless, employees and other people handling the manual works feel threatened by the tech that could take away the job opportunities and posts the folks hold. For instance, when one attends a conference, he or she will overhear people dialog on how the new tactical initiative is wedged. Employees are not willing to learn newfangled skills for they sense that new processors or technologies are being instigated as ways of taking their jobs away. However, the assumption may turn out to be wrong. What if the technology will help them preserve their jobs. For example, the implementation failures may come in when the technology becomes difficult to use. One can realize the that challenges of the technology when you think of ERP upgrade, which no one enjoys, will only compare it to the failed kidney functioning.

The technology sector can blame the public for their failing, but without the hand of a human being, the creativity may not succeed. Even though culture, human factors as well as leadership play a significant role in success, inept tech can slow you down. Skilled people are doing the equivalent of the digital clerking of files since the magical procedures require assistance. Besides, Elon Musk of Tesla admitted that too many robots in the model three are the culprits to the delay that is being experienced. More so, he added that the situation could get solved by adding more people. However, other engineers differ by noting that the technology functions well, but people failed to apply it well. Some highlighted hindering factors that lead to the failures are hurry and carelessness.

An urologist who is also an advocate of robotic surgery is a detractor of medical recording. However, he agrees on administrative cost-cut and that care quality can get improved through the online services. He also that the applications necessitate doctors to change from notes to checkbooks diagnosis, which brings down the care quality. Besides, he adds that the cost can rise as a consequence of fussy data system that forces disburse more hours in administration. More so he describes the situation as unfortunate to both the physician and patient where doctors will only concentrate on the black box.

The conclusion to the technology is excellent but the wrong tool is applied. For instance, Jared diamond describes villagers in the New Guinea who espoused sweet potato as a source of food when they encountered it. The residents planted it in vertical hillside rows, but when missionaries and other experts saw it, they advised them to do it in horizontal rows. The next rainstorm that came swept it away. Consequently, the villagers embarked to their vertical way after the storm. The same applies to technology where unanticipated problems are bound.


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