Another Precious Pansy For Doe Deere: Daughter Lorelei Elita Born 9/21/18

Another Precious Pansy For Doe Deere- Daughter Lorelei Elita Born 9:21:18

Doe Deere adds to the precious things around her with the arrival of her baby, Lorelei Elita. Born on September 21, 2018, baby Lorelei joins Deere, husband Mark Dumbleton, and their 2 beloved cats. All welcomed the bundle of joy into their lives with love.

In fact, Magic couldn’t help but test out the baby’s new digs right before she came home.


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Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, Magic. There’s a new little soul to sleep there now.

Motherhood Looks Beautiful on Doe Deere

Deere radiated with a motherly glow of peace and love as she snuggled next to little Lorelei in a snap shared with Instagram on September 21st. This announcement let friends and fans know the moment had finally arrived. The Deere-Dumbleton family has a new member and she is as lovely as can be.


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Although the background of this sweet photo is a crisp white, the adorable newborn will look right at home in the couple’s Victorian floral dream home. It looks like exactly the place she belongs in.


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Fans’ second glimpse of Lorelei’s cherubic face was head on and painting-perfect. A satisfying glimpse of pink floral fabric peeks out of the photo’s outskirts and matches the delicate flush in the sleeping baby’s cheeks.


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Doe Deere shared that both she and Mark think the baby looks like the other, that she is settling in well and they adore her.

Lorelei is doing wonderful! 🧜🏻‍♀️ Mark thinks she looks like me, I think she’s the spitting image of him as a baby. She’s just an absolute angel from heaven… We are so grateful to @cassiewanda for making our family possible! 💞 – Doe Deere, Instagram

The Pregnancy Announcement

Doe Deere announced the pending bundle of joy on April 7, 2018, before going live on her Instagram to talk about the baby. She was full of excitement and endearingly open with her followers.

Helping Deere achieve her dream of motherhood was friend and fashion designer, Cassie Wanda of Glimmerwood. Cassie stepped in as a surrogate because Deere couldn’t safely carry the child due to injury. She suffers from a herniated disc and related back problems which she has openly discussed on social media.

It is fitting that a group of friends known for their ability to create beautiful things came together to bring a child into the world. She and Cassie even share a near obsession with flowers.

Other Doe Deere Creations

If the topic is Doe Deere’s baby, it’s hard to gloss over her successful business projects. In many ways, they were her babies as well- things she created, nurtured and cultivated. From Lime Crime to her new upcoming brand Poppy Angeloff, Deere is known for her keen ability to give birth to concepts that blossom.

Lorelei’s legacy includes a lot of bright colors, the idea that being yourself is paramount, and an immigrant family’s drive to achieve The American Dream. These things have always been a big part of her mother’s life.

Lime Crime From Birth To Emancipation

Xenia Vorotova was a fresh-faced newcomer dipping her toe into the fashion world in 2008. She had an online vintage clothing boutique on eBay called Thunderwear! and was an early adopter of sites like Myspace and Livejournal. She grew a following fascinated by her personality and aesthetic and they shared a close connection that turned into a full-blown community.

While the moniker Doe Deere actually came from her time making music, the persona she created for herself became the backbone of all of her projects from this point forward.

Deere was her own model during those early days and while she enjoyed composing looks to show off her wares, she noticed a problem. She struggled to find the right eyeshadows to complement her clothes. This gap in the market inspired her to try her hand at cosmetics. Lime Crime was born.

The company launched eyeshadows, glitters, a primer, and brushes to start. Deere’s creations were playful and vivid. They spoke to a wide range of different subcultures as well as any woman who longed for a little more color to ware rather than wearable color.

Lime Crime is perhaps best known for its Velvetine lipstick, one of the first matte liquid lipsticks on the market. This trend eventually swept through the beauty world and held tightly for years. It’s still a popular favorite for anyone tired of touching up their look throughout the day.

Another huge part of Lime Crime’s brand identity is their cruelty-free stance. Their products have always been and, according to Deere, will always be cruelty-free. Her commitment to animals shows her nurturing instincts as well as the strength of her convictions.

The New Poppy Angeloff

[A]s a perpetual thinker & tinkerer, I’m already working on a new project — POPPY ANGELOFF is a collection of fine jewelry for those who want something different. There’s a big emphasis on color and symbolism in my designs, as I believe that jewelry reveals something about us, often acting as a ‘secret handshake’ to like- minded individuals. – Doe Deere, Instagram

Around the same time Deere told the world that Lorelei was on her way, she also announced that she will soon be debuting her brand Poppy Angeloff. This is a family business Deere created with her husband and her sister.

The boutique is currently invite only, but people are following the brand’s social media and Deere’s as well for updates. She often shows off prototypes and talks about the inspiration she takes from nature.

The pansy represents Poppy Angeloff, and Deere explains that invites a connection.


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Pansy: the ever-blooming symbol of Poppy Angeloff. You’ll see it adorning our packaging, website and even incorporated into the designs. Did you know that back in Victorian times, pansies meant ‘I love you’ or, rather, ‘I think of you’? Because when drooping, a wild pansy’s flower resembles the downcast head of a person absorbed in thought. – Doe Deere, Instagram

Welcome to the World, Lorelei Elita

As little Lorelei changes and grows, she’ll be supported by a highly creative and loving environment with Doe and Mark. New babies always bring joy and Deere generously shared that with the world through the arrival announcement and newborn photos.

Keep following the story through Doe Deere’s Instagram page.


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