LA Based Dherbs Continues To Provide Health From Within By Drawing On Ancient Herbal Secrets

los angeles based herbal supplement company Dherbs

With the revitalization of natural living from companies like Dherbs, comes a new trend of herbal supplements and holistic lifestyle movements. Detractors have criticized these trends, positing that they produce no benefits to their consumers and create a paranoid generation neurotically obsessed with finding new ways to better their health.


Contrary to such ill-informed criticisms, the mainstream adoption and popularity of natural living, herbal supplements, and organic care have yielded positive effects on our communities, encouraging a healthy way of life for individuals transitioning their focus onto healthy eating, incorporating exercise into their lives, and integrating cleanses to enhance overall well-being.


It is true that not all companies which promote this way of life harbor the best intentions for their customers – unfortunately, many are strictly business-motivated, meaning that they pursue financial gain over customer satisfaction. Due to this discrepancy in the market, it is imperative that any individual seeking guidance on transitioning their lifestyle do so with the support of a well-established company who holds customers as a top priority.


One such company that has built an enduring reputation of putting their clients’ interest before their own is Dherbs, an herbal distribution company located in Los Angeles. Founded by A.D. Dolphin in 2004, Dherbs grounds their actions in a mission to enlighten and properly educate people on the importance of human health and nutrition. Although they do sell products that help enhance well-being, Dherbs unfailingly promotes the necessity of an all-around healthy lifestyle, which includes diet and exercise.

A.D. Dolphin has stated that Dherbs stands firmly on the belief that harmful toxins can and should be removed from the body – that despite what our culture typically teaches us about the nature of diseases, there is no disease on earth that cannot be cured. Through appropriate herbal remedies, diet, and exercise, any physical or mental ailment can be overcome.


Since 2004, the company has witnessed strong growth, primarily due to the quality of the natural ingredients in their products, the reliability of their methods, and the research that informs the philosophies they promote. Over the last fourteen years, their team has crafted over three million formulas that have aided in the improvement of the lives of their clients. This article will delve deeper into Dherbs – you’ll get to know the company, the history of herbal medicine, and the benefits of a holistic lifestyle.


Who Is A.D. Dolphin?


To truly believe in a product, one must first understand the fundamental motives that spurred its creation. As mentioned previously, many companies’ intentions aren’t pure, which shrouds their products in doubt and controversy.


Dherbs, on the other hand, was founded by a man who truly believes in his products, and through personal experience, has realized the benefits that they can bring to the lives of others.


A.D. Dolphin is the founder and current CEO of Dherbs. Before founding his company, Mr. Dolphin was pursuing a career as a professional basketball player, wherein he played professionally overseas in Australia. Upon returning to the states, Mr. Dolphin continued to pursue his passion and took hold of an opportunity to coach and train professionally. As his path evolved, he found great success in this new role; within just two years, he was coaching over 300 clients. Reflecting on that time, Mr. Dolphin shares, “I trained each client not only according to their desires, but also to their needs.” Throughout the pursuit of his new passion, Mr. Dolphin maintained a strong interest in personal health and provided guidance to his students.


As Mr. Dolphin’s career shifted, he found that he changed with it. He was no longer completing his own training, and he started to recognize that he was gaining weight and beginning to feel sluggish. As a motivated entrepreneur, Dolphin began to explore ways that he could improve his own health. As the same time, a friend had recently introduced him to herbal cleanses. An inspired entrepreneur stumbled across the solution to his own health concerns, and Dherbs was born with the honest motivation of Dolphin, who sought to improve the lives of his clients as much as his own.


How They Have Found Success?


Dherbs’ dedication to improving health has been the backbone to the company’s success. Initially it may seem ironic, but rather than inventing new ideas, they have primarily reintroduced the established concepts of ancient civilizations. Dherbs has adopted the ideology that the body needs to be cleared of toxins and maintained to reach daily optimal health.


It has become common understanding that contemporary medicine is crucial in the maintenance of good health. Medical systems promote cures over preventions, resulting in a higher tendency for individuals to suffer from diseases and growing the market for healthcare. However, Dherbs has recognized in this an opportunity to tend to the origins and causes of diseases – rather than symptoms – in order to prevent individuals from getting caught in the medical trap, just as the ancient civilizations have done.


History of Cleanses and Detox


The company’s primary products include detoxes, which simply allow the body to remove all toxins.


Detoxification, however, is nothing new, but rather is an ancient process, recognized as a practice of the Romans, Greeks, Native Americans, and other cultures. The concept is similar in all regions as well and has long been an accepted tool for purification and cleansing of the body. Each method was unique, making use of various resources, ranging from herbs, water, exercise, and saunas – each with the ultimate, common goal of removing the toxins from one’s body.


Thousands of years ago, humans recognized the fundamental relationship between the body and the Earth. They not only used their resources to purify and cleanse themselves, but also to nurture their bodies daily while supporting themselves through natural shelters. Their relationship with the earth was a pure one – a way to improve health and happiness. However, the relationship grew complicated with the understanding that the Earth also caused a majority of ailments. This is where Dherbs finds its motivation for removing toxins, just as the ancient people removed the dangerous components of the Earth from within.


Primary methods for the removal of toxins included fasting and saunas, but most civilizations also believed that using herbal remedies improved wellness. They often treated chronic diseases with different herbs, which were identified by the shamans or herbalists of their time. For example, some would introduce an herb that contained a laxative or diuretic effect to clear the body of toxins. Others might introduce medicines that increased circulation to help with reduction of fevers, swelling, and inflammation. Although the terminology may have varied by culture and language, the concepts were the same.



Benefits of The Dherbs Cleanse


By conducting thorough research and trials, Dherbs has curated and crafted a multitude of treatments that will optimize the functions of the human body.


Dherbs’ most popular product has been their full body cleanse – a 20-day cleanse made from all-natural ingredients and directed towards boosting weight loss and improving immunity, energy, libido, and circulation. The fully body cleanse is also a powerful way to restart the body, reduce cravings for junk food, and allow the body to undergo the healthy changes it needs to.


The cleanse works just as the ancient remedies did – it supports the body’s natural eliminate channels. Rather than creating a superficial removal of water in the body, the cleanse works more deeply by removing the toxins. The result has been healthy, natural weight loss of up to 30 pounds (depending on the individual). Additional benefits also include improvement and maintenance of healthy skin and complexion, regulation of body functions, reduction of sugar cravings, a clearer mind, and promotion of a more positive outlook on life. Remember, that last effect is one that comes with changes in lifestyle and which must be maintained through long term and deliberate care.



A New Start


To reiterate: The cleanse is just the kick start to a new way of living. If you have committed to following through with the cleanse, then you are ready for the changes to come. Improving one’s overall health and happiness means letting go of bad habits – this does not only mean improving diet and implementing daily exercise; it also means changing your habits of thought.


Many people are not aware of the powerful correlation between body and mind. Unknown to the average individual, physical well-being can have a grave impact on mental well-being, and vice versa; living a genuinely healthy life is about striking a balance that supports the growth and development of both.

dherbs CEO a.d. dolphin of los angeles based herbal supplement health
Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin


To move clients toward the best versions of themselves, Dherbs supports a holistic approach to living – balancing diet, exercise, and mental health. Included in this combination is the use of daily herbal teas, which assist with maintenance. Dherbs is proud to tout that their teas are 100% pure, natural herbs, which are “therapeutic, nourishing, strengthening, potent, safe and sane, effective and economical.” Through years of research, Dherbs has created a unique blend of teas to help remedy a multitude of illnesses. The tailored blends are designed to:


  • Cleanse the blood, lymphatic system, and fat cells of waste; assist with clearing up and rejuvenation of skin; and optimize overall health
  • Renew the body
  • Strengthen the immune system while helping the body protect itself from damaging elements
  • Maintain normal bowel movements and relieve bloating
  • Optimize healthy neurological function, including concentration, acuity, and memory


No matter your personal health goals, Dherbs has a tea that suits your body and needs. Incorporating these teas into your daily routine is just one way to improve your well-being.


Importance of A Healthy Diet


Beyond the inclusion of herbal remedies and cleanses, the path to self-improvement is paved with changes to diet, including removal of processed foods and addition of foods laden with more beneficial properties. On, you can find a multitude of recipes that will further support positive change. Additionally, the company shares informative articles that empower their clients by laying bare the “why” of the diets they promote. Instead of simply stating, “You should do this,” Dherbs focuses on informing clients on the importance behind their suggestions, so that each individual can find the motivation to continue their new lifestyle.


One such example is Dherbs’ suggestion that clients eat lacto fermented foods – these are helpful for gently detoxifying the body, removing heavy metals and various chemicals. By adding lacto fermented foods to your diet, you can improve your natural detoxification pathways. One diet that Dherbs promotes is a traditional recipe from Russia: Beet Kvass helps purify the liver, gallbladder, and blood.


Additional tips from Dherbs include:

  • If your focus is on draining the body, Dherbs suggests adding root vegetables, ginger, garlic, oregano, and turmeric to the diet.
  • One way to rid the body of heavy metals is to juice: combine beets, greens, and garlic.
  • Juicing and bone broth diets can help with cleansing the gut
  • Coconut oil assists with detoxification and is a healthy fat to add to the diet. In addition, coconut oils are a great anti-bacterial and antimicrobial.


These are wonderful examples of how you can use foods to cleanse, support, and nourish the body. Once again, Dherbs focuses on prevention rather than on treating symptoms.


Don’t Forget About Exercise


Significant lifestyle changes occur in phases, and as clients’ needs grow and change, so does the company. When Dherbs first started, they focused on herbal remedies, growing and expanding their products for consumers. With time, they began to add recipes and incorporate the promotion of healthy eating into their message. Most recently, they have founded Dherbs Active, an opportunity to promote active lifestyle to the company’s audience. Just like an individual, the company is growing with the changing demands of its consumers. Living a holistic life is about finding balance while your life and needs change – know that Dherbs is changing with you.


Unfortunately, most American citizens today live a very sedentary lifestyle – we go to work, sit at a desk, and return home in the evening to sit in front of the television and eat dinner. All of this sitting demands very little of us in terms of movement and is a major contributor to weight gain, circulation problems, poor eating habits, and ultimately, a shorter lifespan. Dherbs Active is dedicated to breaking these habits and promoting an active lifestyle.


Transitioning to an active lifestyle doesn’t have to be the painful challenge you may imagine it to be – it does not mean aggressively exercising for hours every day or waking up at the crack of dawn. Start with simple, small changes, such as doing some squats at your desk and taking a daily stroll through your neighborhood. With time, your abilities will increase. If you need support, Dherbs Active provides that as well. Physical activity is core to overall well-being. You’ll quickly feel the benefits, which include:


  • Increasing vitality
  • Preventing and better controlling illnesses
  • Improving your physical shape
  • Improving bone and muscle health
  • Improving your mental health, reducing depression and anxiety
  • Assisting in managing stress and improving sleep
  • increasing your self esteem
  • Controlling weight


Getting started is the most challenging part, but the momentum is powerful. You’ll find that you crave exercise daily, and your mood will be more positive. Additionally, exercise will give you time away from the hectic activities of the day-to-day grind while adding years onto your life.

One of the many products of this type that they stock in the Dherbs store:



Dherbs Can Help


The balance between herbal supplements, diet, and exercise is crucial to transforming your body, mind, and soul, and is thus heavily emphasized by Dherbs. Their continuous growth and research can help clients restore their bodies to the glorious pillars of health they are meant to be.


Not only does the company provide individuals a general recipe for improvement, but they articulate and share more targeted tips for improving specific problems. For example, are you suffering from constant indigestion? Dherbs has a recommendation. First and foremost, examine your diet with a critical eye.


  • If you are overweight or obese, switching to a healthier diet can help reduce frequent Heartburn.  Avoid eating fried foods, citrus fruit, dairy products, processed foods, and acidic foods to help your body restore its neutral pH level.  Additionally, slow down when you eat because this will help you control the amount of food you consume.
  • Make ginger or chamomile tea. Consuming the tea helps bring relief to the acidic sensation you experience with indigestion.
  • Instead of drinking caffeine during the day, recharge by taking a short nap in a chair.  By sitting, as opposed to lying down, you’ll keep the acid down in the stomach.
  • You can also drink water infused with lemons, which helps facilitate smooth digestion.
  • If spicy or acidic foods caused the Indigestion, take a handful of fennel seeds and chew on them.  After a good chew, swallow them; the oils help reduces nausea and flatulence.
  • Steer clear of juice and dairy products.
  • Drink about a half cup of aloe Vera juice before eating meals!


This is just one example of how Dherbs’ research is changing lives! Take a look at the website for more recipes and tips.



Change Your Life


Dherbs’ combination of remedies and promotion of practices for bettering health are transforming clients’ lives around the United Sates. They not only equip you with the products you need to get started, but they provide you with the tools to continue to grow and maintain a new, holistic lifestyle. Take a look at some of these testimonials from previous consumers of Dherbs:

“I love Dherbs cleanses and their informative website. The diet is hard in the beginning of the cleanse, but once your body gets used to all the good raw food combined with all the nutrition packed herbs, you will feel like a million bucks. Nothing that is really worth anything life is easy. I love how it makes me feel and look. People notice my glowing skin and energy at work and at home. It doesn’t hurt that I also lost 15 lbs. on this cleanse first time I completed it years ago. Now I cleanse twice a year and I keep the weight off and feel fantastic.– Katarina H.


“Many Thanks Dherbs: I have been on your Full Body Detox, completed the program. I was extremely overweight at 350 lbs. I now weight 290 lbs. I have before and after photos. I am now on the Pancreas Kit program. Anytime I get weak and want to eat the junk I ate to become overweight, I revert back to your “Dherbs articles”. I even take articles with me during the day to remind me of the filth I came from. I know I have a long way to go. My blood pressure was very high, but taking the Pancreas kit, drinking water, and the correct foods will reduce my blood pressure. I am making great decisions throughout my life.” – Reggie


“I completed the Full Body Detox last month, and I can sincerely say that it changed my perspective about my body and what I put in it. I didn’t realize the severity of the damage that I was doing to my body until I began the body detox. I approached the detox not knowing if I had it in me to complete it. The most compelling force that kept me consistent with the detox was an overwhelming desire to create change in the way that I was feeling and the way that I understood food and its ability to help my body or harm it. I certainly did not want to wake up at 40 and deal with the many health problems that I’ve seen so many women in my family deal with. . . such as diabetes, cancer, fibroid tumors and obesity. Thank you for helping me make better decisions. You’ve given me the tools to completely transform my state of health and well-being. I would recommend this detox to anyone that is interested in not just weight loss but healthy living and eating.” – Helen


If the facts and figures aren’t convincing, then the testimonials should be the cherry on top. The dedication of the founder and the company as a whole to improving their clients’ well-being is a proclamation to how companies should be run. Placing the consumers’ interest above the company’s is one sure way to find success. Additionally, it ensures the consumer that they have the right team on their side.

Dherbs has a large presence on social media, including pages on Facebook, and Twitter.



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