Donald Trump To Rally For Ted Cruz In Texas


Texas Senator Ted Cruz is in the political fight of his lifetime. He is trying to fend off Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke to maintain his Senate seat. The race has tightened quite a bit over the months and is now a lot tighter of a contest than what most had expected. As a result, the President has felt the need to swoop into Texas to try to rally the Republican support base to get out and vote for Cruz.

CNN reports that this is a victory lap of sorts for the President. He gets to come to the aid of a former political rival and show that trying to fight against the President simply isn’t worth it. Cruz had run against the now President in the Republican primary in 2016 and finished in a close second place to the President at that time. The two men have argued quite a bit and sometimes on very personal terms over the course of their campaigning against one another. As such, the rally in Houston that is to be held today is particularly interesting.

Donald Trump maintains fairly good approval numbers in the state of Texas compared to how he holds up in the rest of the country. He still has the ability to rally the base of Republican support that helped get him elected to the White House in the first place. Besides that, Cruz needs all of the help that he can to avoid losing in an upset to Beto.

O’Rourke has made quite the name for himself in this race as he goes from an obscure member of the Texas House of Representatives to someone who has become a national figure. In him some members of the Democratic Party see the future before their eyes. They are hopeful that he can win this Senate seat to be sure, but even if he does not he still likely will have a role in the party going forward.

Texas remains a red state and any Democrat winning a statewide office there is fighting a very uphill battle. That being said, this may just be the year that the Democrats are finally able to pull off the upset and get their man into the Senate. It is shaping up to a be a strong Democrat year at the polls. If that will be enough to translate to victory in Texas is yet to be seen.


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