Flavio Maluf Reveals How Tax Incentives Benefit Everyone in Brazil


Those running businesses in Brazil face a range of problems and often struggle to keep up in the fast-paced marketplace. Although they encounter many issues and setbacks, a lot of business professionals regard taxes as the worst. They feel as if the government taxes businesses in the nation to the breaking point.

Eucatex president Flavio Maluf believes businesses can benefit from tax incentives and encourages them to do so as often as possible. According to Maluf, the best part is that the businesses are not the only ones who can enjoy the rewards. Certain tax benefits encourage businesses to give back to the community and create jobs in areas of low employment.

Directed Tax

Directed tax is one of the first benefits Maluf mentions when speaking with business leaders about their options. This incentive gives businesses control over how the government uses some of the tax money it collects for them, allowing businesses to direct money to causes in which they believe. Business leaders can, for example, direct tax money to technology companies or organizations dedicated to the advancement of health care.

Instead of paying fewer taxes than before, they can decide how the government spends their money. This tax incentive has the added benefit of letting companies grab the attention of their prospective customers. In simple terms, directing money to worthy causes does wonders for any company’s branding effort.

Regional Tax Benefits

Some places in Brazil don’t have enough jobs to keep the communities in good shape, forcing many people into unemployment. Those without jobs turn to the government for answers out of desperation and don’t know what else they can do. To combat the problem and promote job growth, the government offers regional tax benefits to companies who relocate to key areas in need of economic stability.

Businesses operating in these areas pay a reduced tax rate and get the added benefit of giving jobs to hard-working citizens who need them the most. Many companies that would have otherwise never considered operating out of these locations have changed their minds. The people get job opportunities, and businesses get a tax break. Also, the increasing number of jobs puts more money into the local economy, creating a win-win situation.

About Flavio Maluf

A lot of people ask about Flavio Maluf when they read the advice he offers and wisdom he provides. They want to know his story and how he became a prominent business professional who has made a name for himself throughout the nation. He joined Eucatex in 1987 and put in the effort to learn as much as he could.

Although Maluf’s uncle was the president of the company, Maluf had to work hard and demonstrate his abilities to earn attention. After working for the company for nine years, his hard work started paying off. His uncle invited him to join the team of company executives. Within 12 months of his promotion, Maluf became the president of Eucatex in 1997. He continues to look for ways to improve himself and to help others reach their financial goals.


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