Red Hot Chili Pepper Members Tossed From Lakers Game


The Staples Center was a chaotic mess for a few minutes Sunday night as the Los Angeles Lakers played their second game of the season against the Houston Rockets. Two casualties of the melee included two of the most famous faces of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Three players on the court began a push, punch and shove fight late in the game as the Lakers struggled to stay relevant in a losing game. Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, and Brandon Ingram were all ejected from the game after eyes were poked and fists thrown. Sitting in the front row were Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis and famous Pepper guitarist (and frequent actor), Flea. As the players exited the court, Kiedis was on his feet screaming at the Houston players and referees.

Chris Paul walked by the band members as Kiedis screamed obscenities at the Houston Rockets point guard. Kiedis threw a middle finger and whatever words were exchanged they were enough for the Rockets security staff to take action. It was a wild demonstration for a man who has exerted tons of energy on stages world-wide over several decades.

The very laid back almost Zen-like Flea kept his seat as he watched the action unfold. As Kiedis became more animated, security escorting the players away also escorted Kiedis to a quiet location. Some fans reported he and Flea returned to their seats later in the game, while some report they were escorted out. It is possible that they left on their own accord. Kiedis has yet to comment. For Red Hot Chili Pepper fans, it was a worthwhile chapter in the Peppers legacy. The Lakers lost the game (they are now 0-3 after a loss to the San Antonio Spurs Monday), but leave it to Flea to add glamour and art to the moment. After the game, Flea posted to his Twitter account a comment that included, “It Got crazy at the end, but man I get so satisfied, deeply drinking in the depth and beauty of the game.”

No comment has been made from Red Hot Chili Peppers management or the Houston Rockets organization. The three players were all fined for their on-court actions.


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