Being Who You Are on the Road


More people are starting careers as truck drivers than in the past because of the money that is offered and because of the safety that is offered from being inside a truck most of the day. Dianna Vasher is one of the women who has entered the field of trucking. She clocks in about 3,000 miles each week and has designed her truck to look more like a small home away from home instead of an 18-wheeler. There are lights inside the cab as well as a pink cover for her steering wheel.

Dianna is among the many drivers who name their trucks and who drive in various conditions across the United States, such as snowstorms in the winter or intense heat in the summer months. Most of the time, drivers have shifts that last for about 11 hours or until they get all of their work done. Dianna takes pride in the work that she does from behind the wheel. She’s a 48-year-old woman who feels safe on the road because she’s a transgender woman. More people who claim to be transgender are entering the field of trucking because they feel like they can have a career without interference from other people.

These women sometimes don’t know how to act at home. They are able to dress any way that they want while they are in a truck because it’s often expected to dress in a manly manner. They can also make a good bit of money while enjoying the life that they lead. While driving a truck, Dianna has earned respect from the other drivers she meets because it’s not something that everyone can get out and do every day. Since there is a shortage of drivers, it’s easier than ever for those who are bisexual or transgender to get a job in the industry and hide their background from others while being happy.


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