How to Buy a Used Phone Without Getting Fleeced.


Buying a new smartphone can be a time-consuming process as one tends to look at various factors at hand. The phone must be in good condition, has to be legitimate (not stolen). Warranty is usually not inclusive, thus putting the buyer at risk especially if the phone has technical issues. Price has to be a major factor as one tends to buy a used smartphone due to the low prices as compared to buying a new one.

One should also compare the price of a new gadget with similar specifications to the used smartphone. If the price tends to be higher or relatively the same, avoid buying the used smartphone as the price of a used device has to reflect on current market prices. It would be absurd buying a used smartphone that would cost the same price as a new smartphone. A used smartphone also does not come with a warranty. This is normally available when you buy a new smartphone.

One should also do extensive research on the various platforms used in the sale of old smartphones. If one wants to buy their phone online, the vendors should be legitimate so as to avoid fraudsters who tend to pose as real vendors. A prospective buyer should compare prices with different vendors and choose the best price on offer.

When it comes to the negotiation stage, ensure you arrange a meeting with the vendor in person. Make a thorough check on the phone, inspecting it for defects. Various defects would include things such as the charging port (whether the phones charges properly), Micro SD slot (whether the micro SD slot works), whether your sim card is compatible with the phone, do the earphones work etc.

Take your time inspecting the phone for damages. If after inspection the phone proves satisfactory, one can proceed to the negotiation stage. Since the phone is not new, the warranty will be an issue. It’s also very important to be fair with your transactions i.e. not overreaching the final negotiation stage. It would be an ideal situation if both parties left feeling very satisfied. This creates a bond between the buyer and seller, which would be useful in future transactions. In the case that the phone has an issue, you have a better chance of contacting the vendor if you left on good terms.


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