The Chainsmokers’ Paris Movie: Everything You Need to Know

The Chainsmokers’ Paris Movie: Everything You Need to Know

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are best known as 2 DJ/Producers from the popular duo, The Chainsmokers. While these 2 EDM artists are usually found on a stage, they’re taking their talents into the film world in an unusual way. Fans can expect a feature-length film telling the story TCS introduced in their hit song, ‘Paris.’

In Tandem, Taggart and Pall announced the inception of their new production company called Kick The Habit Productions. There is currently no release date set for the ‘Paris’ film, but there are still plenty of details to unpack.

Here is everything you need to know about ‘Paris’ the movie.

What is Kick The Habit Productions?

The goal of Kick The Habit is to produce television, film, digital media projects including internet content. Former UTA agent Dan Marcus is COO. Adam Alpert, TCS’ manager, is the current CEO. This is a powerhouse team which bodes well for the company’s future.

The Production Company is a Smart Business Move

The Chainsmokers and their team understand how to read trends, a keen sense they could soon provide to other artists and creatives. In this way, Kick The Habit is an incredibly smart business move for the duo.

CEO Adam Alpert himself is a lead disrupter in the music industry, guiding his artists into the changing industry landscape with a creative eye focused on staying on top. While others struggle to see outside the box, Alpert and TCS are about to start broadcasting the signal.

In an interview with Billboard, Alpart described changing marketing tactics as the industry changes.

Everybody knows music is consumed song-by-song now due to streaming. We’ve also realized that people want instant gratification… We’ve found that the monthly releases are causing the artist to go more viral, too. If we didn’t do that, people would forget about us during that time because there’s so much noise. I tell all my artists: If they’re not listening to you, they’re listening to somebody else. – Adam Alpert, Billboard

Like streaming services, video media and films help keep The Chainsmokers in the public eye and could breathe new life into previous Chainsmokers’ releases. Kick The Habit has the ability to create content for other artists to help them stay relevant in an age of instant gratification.

The company’s very first project is a unique one. Kick The Habit is focusing on a full-length feature film about the narrative behind The Chainsmokers’ massive hit, ‘Paris.’

A Creative Outlet

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart view this production company and the ‘Paris’ film as a new creative outlet for them. Drew revealed that keeping multiple creative irons in the fire helps the duo avoid slumps. It busts creative block by changing things up just enough to fuel inspiration.

We’re really excited. It’s scary for us because it’s a way for us to do something else creative. When you just do one thing creative, sometimes you get creative blocks and this is another place that we can put our creative efforts in, and we’re really excited for the future. – Drew Taggart, Billboard

The project comes with some pretty heavy and high-profile collaborations.

All About ‘Paris’ on The Big Screen

According to Drew, Mickey Rapkin (Pitch Perfect, Glee) approached Dan Marcus with suggestions on turning the song into a film. Rapkin has a legendary Midas touch when it comes to similar projects and he is an obvious asset.

Rapkin was inspired by the storyline in ‘Paris’ and started writing a script and concept. He pitched the idea to Dan Marcus who, in turn, got Drew and Alex on board. It wasn’t a difficult sell.

After the storyline and pitch were solid, Kick The Habit began shopping the concept around. They finally cemented a deal with TriStar Pictures to bring ‘Paris’ to life in a brand new way.

He wrote an entire story, pitched it to us, and we re-worked all the parts we wanted to. It’s been about a year that we’ve been spending working on this pitch. And we went out and started pitching it to major film studios and TriStar bought it and now we’re producing a movie! – Drew Taggart, Billboard

Following in the footsteps of iconic music movies like The Beatles’ ‘Help!’ The Chainsmokers don’t just give fans what they want. They continue to innovate and create content that drives demand rather than simply responds to it.

Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart and the rest of the Kick The Habit team have been tight-lipped so far about a release date. Drew recently expressed excitement that they were starting to get media questions about the film, however. More details about ‘Paris’ from the TCS camp are sure to ensue soon.

The Chainsmokers are Bigger Than Club Bangers

The age of being only a musician is over proclaimed The Chainsmokers as they announced plans to move into the film arena. The truth is, they’ve been pitching that concept for the past several years. They want to create a truly immersive experience.

Alex Pall frequently references the visual aspect of their shows and his desire to expand that element. It is a consistent theme for both he and Drew.

Obviously, there’s always been a performance element to our show, but that’s only getting bigger and bigger… we’re talking about mixing videos of our live show with our DJ show – Alex Pall, Interview Magazine

Not only have the visuals at the shows increased, but The Chainsmokers continue to embrace videos shorts and documentary style series as a huge part of their branding. In 2018, they released a chronicle of their Memories tour on iTunes and peppered their social media with exclusive video content for their fans.

We’ve seen their music videos grow and expand as well. From the theatrical ‘You Owe Me’ to the animated ‘Somebody,’ TCS tells stories that complement and even transcend the lyrics in the songs themselves.

Because of Alex Pall’s art training, (he studied Art History at NYC and worked as a gallery receptionist) he is as comfortable in the world of visual art as he is in music. The duo see Kick The Habit and the ‘Paris’ film as a logical creative progression.

The new Production Company is sure to open many doors and the ‘Paris’ film, although only a tease at this point, will keep people talking about The Chainsmokers for months.

We’re excited to go all-in on this venture to curate, produce and create meaningful projects. They don’t just sing about these themes in their hit songs—it’s who they are. Dan Marcus, CEO of Kick The Habit Productions, Pitchfork


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