The Long Road to Massive Success for Microsoft


If you were to invest just $1,000 in Microsoft when they went public in 1986, you would have right around $1.6 million today. The massive success of Microsoft can be linked heavily to the genius of founder Bill Gates. He sits today as the second richest man in the world right behind Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. With a $96 billion net worth, Gates continues to push the tech industry forward with his innovations and philanthropic efforts.

Instead of finishing his degree at Harvard, Gates decided it would be a wiser decision to pursue his career as an entrepreneur in the field of technology. In 1975, Gates with friend Paul Allen founded the now world-renowned company Microsoft. Within the first three years, this company had sales of $1 million. Even though Microsoft took off quickly, it was 11 years before Gates and Allen decided to take their company public.

In 1987, gates became the youngest billionaire of that time. It wasn’t until the rise of Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg broke this record. Before Gates was even 40, he became the richest man in the world in 1995. In 2000, Gates decided to step down as CEO and focus more on his philanthropic efforts than his massive software company. The first huge smash-hit success for Microsoft was their release of Windows 95 which quickly sold 40 million copies. Their next big hit was in 2001 when their new video game console Xbox sold 1.5 million units in less than 60 days. Since the release of the Xbox almost two decades ago, the video game portion of Microsoft has become one of the most successful branches of the corporation.

The future looks bright for the software mega-corporation Microsoft. With the genius of Bill Gates and the amazing forward moving executives on the board, it will be exciting to see if Gates becomes the richest man in the world once again.


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