Mueller Closes In On Trump’s Business Deal With Russia


When Michael Cohen worked for Donald Trump, he was the guy that cleaned up after Trump when the real estate developer would cross some ethical or moral line. Cohen pleaded guilty to paying off two women that Trump allegedly slept with before the campaign. Those payments broke campaign rules, but Trump didn’t care. He knew Cohen always took care of the women who wanted Trump to pay them for their silence. Mr. Cohen also had Russian connections and Trump wanted to use those connections to open a Trump Tower in Russia.

Trump wanted to put a deal together in Moscow, but he needed approval from the Kremlin to make that happen. According to Cohen’s recent plea deal with Robert Mueller, Mr. Cohen had several conversations with high ranking Russian officials about the business deal. Those conversations didn’t end in January 2016, but Cohen told Congress that was when he stopped pursuing a Russian deal. Cohen said that when he first sat down with lawmakers to explain what he did for Trump.

Mr. Cohen spent more than 70 hours in Mueller’s hot seat. And it paid off for Mueller. Cohen finally admitted the Russian business deal continued through May and into June 2016. Cohen said he talked to Trump about the Russian deal at least three times during the course of the negotiations, according to a Washington Post article. Mr. Trump denied having any contact with Russia during his campaign. But Cohen’s guilty plea doesn’t match Trump’s story.

Mr. Trump spent time in Russia before the campaign got started. Some news reports say Trump wanted to meet Russian President Putin and another high-ranking government official to discuss business before the campaign started. That meeting didn’t happen, but it shows Trump did want to get close to Putin. And it seems Putin wanted to get close to Trump. Some news reports say Putin wanted Trump to win the election. So using a complicated mixture of hacking, fact gathering, and anger, Trump’s campaign officials covertly teamed up with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and the Russian and they helped make Clinton’s hacked emails a political weapon for Trump.

As soon as Cohen’s plea deal became public knowledge, Trump went on the defensive. He called Cohen a liar and a weak man. He said Cohen wanted to get less jail time. Cohen’s testimony shows that Cohen did lie for Trump when Cohen thought Trump would stand by him when the Feds raided his office. But that didn’t happen. Trump did what he always does, according to several news reports. He let Cohen politically hang himself.


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