Giuliani Sets Trump up for a Tweet Beating but Rudy Blames Twitter


It’s not a big secret. Rudy Giuliani’s best years may be behind him. Giuliani had some incredible years when he prosecuted mob members in New York. Rudy’s reputation as a “badass-lawyer” followed him when he threw his hat in the Mayor’s Race in 1993. In 1994, Rudy cleaned up New York City. And he was good at it. Then 9/11 hit the Twin Towers and the country like a rogue nightmare on steroids. Giuliani held things together in New York City. Giuliani is a hero in the eyes of some New Yorkers and some people around the world.

Mr. Giuliani moved to Florida to practice his version of the law. His practice keeps him busy, but when Trump’s legal Mueller slayers abandon the USS Trump, Don Sr. called Rudy. Attack dog Rudy, Trump once said, gets it done. But done may have a different meaning now that Rudy threw Trump under the Twitter bus. Rudy may have an impressive record, but his spellcheck skills need a lot of work.

Giuliani sent a text last week that started with the sentence: “Mueller filed an indictment as Trump left for the G-20.In. Since the Twitter system creates a link when a valid domain pops up, Rudy’s typo created a domain. And when one Twitter follower realized Rudy mistakenly created a new domain, that person bought the domain. And here’s the juicy part. Whenever anyone reads Giuliani’s text and clicks on the domain G20.In the message “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country” are the first words they read.

And here’s the weird part. Rudy Giuliani is Trump’s cybersecurity advisor. When Rudy found out that his typo gave the Trump haters a chance to make Trump’s life a little more stressful, he blamed Twitter for his typo. Rudy claims Twitter allowed someone to rain on his privacy, and he’s not happy about it. Then, in true Rudy Giuliani fashion, he threw Twitter under the political bus by saying everyone knows Twitter is anti-Trump. Off course, Twitter’s not going to start a public war with Giuliani. So when Twitter had a chance to make a comment about Rudy’s behavior they declined.

Trump isn’t a Twitter fan either even though he uses it as a government communication tool. Last July, Trump accused Twitter of shadow-banning. That’s when users and their posts on social media sites get blocked without their knowledge.


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