Lime Crime Helping to Raise Money For California Wildfires



As far as the residents of California are concerned, 2018 is one of the worst years in the history of wildfires. Popular fashion company Lime Crime stepped up and donated part of its profit to help rebuild homes and protect those displaced by the fires. The fires that raged through the area destroyed more than 1 million acres of land in addition to killing 72 people.


Firefighters put in their best effort to reduce the damage and rescue those caught in the fire’s path. Although many fires kept popping up, the efforts of rescue teams saved many lives and reduced the fallout. People impacted by the fires could do nothing to stop it from burning their homes and everything they had ever known, forcing many of them to lose everything for which they had worked.


How Lime Crime Helped


Lime Crime helped combat the fires by donating a part of its profit to those who assisted victims and offered hope. The cruelty-free makeup brand announced on its website that those who make purchases during the donation period are sending some of their money to victims who need it the most.

Several other charity organizations worked hard to reduce the pain and stress of those affected by the blazes that scorched much of California, and each penny counts. Lime Crime’s leadership believes the world can be a much better place if everyone works together, helping those who find themselves in a bad position. Nobody can do everything on their own, and most people will end up needing help at some point in their lives. Lime Crime encourages people from all backgrounds and walks of life to unite and stand together.


Other Charity Work


Longtime fans of Lime Crime and its products were not surprised to hear about the company’s contribution to wildfire relief. They have understood and supported the company’s vision for a while and already knew that its leadership gave a hand to those who need it. Since the time it was created in 2008, Lime Crime has supported many organizations that aim to improve the living conditions of people down on their luck.



Girls Inc.


One of the organizations supported by Lime Crime is Girls Inc., which helps girls between the ages of 6 and 18 get an education and find mentors. Girls Inc. has made a positive difference in the lives of young women across the nation, giving them a fair shot at living a full life. Rather than being run by people with no sense of direction, Girls Inc. is run by professionals who have the training and education to do the job right. Girls who enter the program are much more likely to complete their education and improve their self-esteem.



Sanctuary for Families


Countless women from around the world find themselves without a place to live after leaving abusive relationships. They had to make the difficult choice to stay with someone who harms them or to walk away, taking their chances on the street. A lot of those women would rather take their chances on the street than stay in an abusive home. Sanctuary for Families gives counseling and resources to women in abusive relationships, arming them with the required tools to move forward with confidence. Sanctuary for Families has already assisted many women and their children in their effort to find peace and a safe place to live. Because Lime Crime’s leadership wants to support women and girls from all walks of life, it’s proud to stand behind Sanctuary for Families.



American Red Cross


Founded in 1881, the American Red Cross responds to disasters and teaches people how to prepare for the unthinkable. Over the years, the American Red Cross has responded to many catastrophes in the United States and around the world, providing food and shelter to those impacted by disasters.


The efforts of American Red Cross volunteers have saved countless lives, and they will continue doing so for years to come. The success of the American Red Cross would not be possible without the support of caring volunteers and donors. Lime Crime is pleased to support the American Red Cross and has donated to it, showing support for an organization on which many people depend when they have nowhere else to turn.

Lime Crime’s Kind History


Lime Crime was founded on the idea that everyone is equal and has a right to get the most from life. The company uses only cruelty-free products that nobody has tested on animals. Those who know Lime Crime well enough to understand its vision will not be shocked to discover the charity work it has done over the past few years.


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